Museum of Medicine History in Galicia
named after Marian Panchyshyn

The idea of museum appeared in June 1990. According to it, the exhibits should have represented the stories of local doctors, members of Ukrainian Medical Society in Lviv. It was meant to honour those medicial workers who made a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian medicine.

The professional organization of Galician doctors (named Ukrainian Medical Society — UMS) in Lviv was founded 1 October 1910 by the doctors O Kozakevych, Y. Ozakkevych, V. Bilynsky, S. Drymalyk, etc. The members of UMS took active part in founding and development of local medical institutions of different kinds. Moreover, the UMS was involved in the organization of the UGA and UPA Medical Services (Ukrainian Galician Army, Ukrainian Insurgent Army respectively), and establishment of the Medical Faculty of the Ukrainian Secret University in Lviv. In 1939 all the public organizations in Lviv, including the UMS, were discontinued, and only 28 April 1990 the UMS was brough back to life.

The initiative of creating the museum was supported by the local authorities. The exposition was allowed to be placed in the villa belonged to Prof. Marian Panchyshyn, where he lived from 1925 till 1943. The building itself is an architectural and historical monument of the early 20th century (architect Kazymyr Teodorovych).

The museum was opened in August 1990. The most remarkable sections of the exposition:
  • Memorial room of Prof. Marian Panchyshyn;
  • History of Medical Society in Lviv;
  • Hospital after A. Sheptytsky 'People's Clinic';
  • Medical Faculty of the Ukrainian Secret University in Lviv;
  • Doctors of Galicia — participants of the liberation movement;
  • History of Ukrainian Red Cross;
  • Medical instruments of the late 19th — early 20th centuries;
  • Old Medical Books.

There's also a section which presents collection of the Public Museum of History of Lviv National Medical University named after Danylo Halytsky. This exhibition is meant to show the development of local medicine from different perspectives.
Entrance fees:
Free of charge. Donations are accepted.
Working hours:
10:00-18:00, Saturday, Sunday — days off.
Contact info:
Lviv city
U. Karmeliuk St., 3

Tel.: +38 (032) 276-97-98
How to get there:
The museum is located in the city centre. Go along Lychakivska street until Vynnykivsky market and take the first right.
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