The ARSENAL Museum
Department of the Historic Museum

This Lviv Historic Museum expositional department was opened in May 18, 1981, in the building of the former City Arsenal — the prominent architectural monument of the XVI century. The exposition presents the old weapons models from over 30 world countries. Chronologic limits of the exposed pieces cover the XI — beginning of the ХХ centuries and give the idea about the weapons evolution, type of weapons, kinds, the centres of production, the armourer-masters' tastes and about the technical evolution level, etc. Luxurious decoration of many exhibits make an impression of the usage art creations. Many pieces are decorated with precious metals and stones, ivory, pearls, corals and by nacre.

In Arsenal museum all main kinds of weapons are represented: cold steel, metal weapons, fire arms. Cold steel is introduced the best: knives, daggers, swords, sabres, swords, yataghans, axes, halberds, maces, caulking irons, pernach etc. It is possible to observe cold steel on pikestaff: spears, protasans, halberds, berdysh, axes etc. The museum presents many interesting models of the protective armaments. In particular— chain armours, armours, shields and helmets. The ginger of the museum collection are the winged hussars outfitting “ the chief impact forces of the Poland Kingdom of the XVII-XVIII centuries. Outfitting is a good combination of the West European and Oriental weapons best achievments. They were successfully used both against the light cavalry of the East and against the heavy cavalry of the West. In the museum the outfitting of the S. Yablonovsky's hussars company is represented, their attack fixed the fate of the Viennese fight (1683 year).

Fire arms are also widely presented in the museum. There are models of artillery and arm weapons. Valuable part of the collection are bronze guns of the XVI-XVII centuries by Lviv masters L. Herle and Y. Polyansky with legends, Lviv Emblem and ambossments. It is difficult to omit artillery mortars of the XVII century with 30-35 kg bombs.

Weapons by Hutsul masters of the ХVІІІ-ХІХ centuries provoke a great interest: rifles, pistols, richly decorated by geometrical ornament, by pearly incrustation; by silver, brazen, brassy darts and tins. To follow the further fire weapons evolution is possible with the help of such weapons models: revolvers, guns and rifles.

Besides the weapons, the museum presents the ancient orders holograms, made of the authentic rewards, they are kept in the Lviv Historic Museum's funds. The visitors can also observe the holographic representations of St. Andrew Pervozvanny's, The Golden Fleece's, The Honoured Legion's orders and many other famous orders of different Asian and European countries.

In Arsenal museum a valuable monument of the Lviv casting is kept — the Archangel Mykhail statue, made by master Kaspar Franke. In due time, the statue embellished the King Arsenal's portal in Lviv (1638 year).

Working hours:
10:00-17:30 daily, except Wednesday
Entrance fee:
Adult — 50 UAH.
Student — 30 UAH.
Excursion fee:
100 UAH per group.
Lviv city
Pidvalna St. 5

Tel.: +38 (032) 235-86-61
+38 (032) 235-70-60
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