The Museum of Ukrainian Liberation Movement
The department of Lviv History Museum

The museum was opened 13 October in 2012, coincided with the 70th anniversary of Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA). A well-decorated building with a tower was a place for the Riflemen Fellowship ('Trigger Brotherhood') base and also for events of 'Prosvita' (powerful cultural and educational organization of those times). Nowadays it's a place where historical items are displayed telling a story of Ukrainian liberation movement from the late 19th century till the Imdependence of Ukraine.

Two first rooms of the exposition are dedicated to the history of famous youth sports organizations Sokil and Sich. Here you can see historical documents and hardware items having to do with the foundation and liberation activity of Ukrainian Riflemen organization. The significant part of this section of the collection belongs to the period of 1917-1921, when Ukrainian People's Republic was made and functioned. The movements in the western part of Ukraine are represented there with materials from West Ukrainian People's Republic and Ukrainian Galician Army. Among the items there are authentic weapons, military uniform, documentation and money from those times.

The next room displays the exhibits from the interwar period, where you can learn about the Ukrainian Military Organization and the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN): in particular, Military sections of the nationalists and Nachtigall and Roland battalions. There are also documents related to The Act of Proclamation of the Ukrainian State in 1941.

The story of Ukrainian liberation movement would never be complete without materials about the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), so in the museum you can learn about creation and development, structure and functioning of different sections and educational system of this remarkable military power. The interesting exhibits there are illegal publications of UPA (patriotic literature, leaflets, brochures, etc.), bofons (documents functioning like money units) and clothing.

There is also a section dedicated to the lives and social activities of Ukrainian rebels outside the country, especially in concentration camps and the one about the struggle of the Ukrainian people against the Bolshevik regime. You can also have a look at personal possessions and original works of political prisoners.

Other important historical periods presented in the museum exposition are the movement of the Sixtiers, the activity of pro-Unkrainian organizations in the 1970s (e.g. Ukrainian Helsinki group) and the foundation and development of the movements which led to the Independence.
Currently, in the museum are being formed sections dedicated to the modern liberation movement in the eastern part of the country.
10:00-18:00, Wednesday — closed.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 50 UAH.
Pupils, students, retired — 30 UAH.
Family — 110 UAH (2 adults and 2 children).
100 UAH per group (to 20 persons).
Contact info:
Lviv city
M. Lysenko St., 23-a

Tel.: +38 (032) 276-27-95
+38 (032) 276-25-63
+38 (032) 275-02-54
How to get there:
The museum is located in the city centre. Go along Lysenko street from the side of 'Na Valakh" park (On the Ramparts).
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