Ski lifts which are in use in summer

"Zakhar Berkut"

Location — Volosyanka village, Lviv region.
Two-chairs lift, lifts to Vysoky Verkh mountain (1244 m), the length — 2710 m (the longest passenger aerial ropeway in Ukraine), the altitude difference — 552 m, the way time — 55 min.
Lift ticket: adults — 200 UAH, children (5-12 years) — 150 UAH.
Working hours — 9:00-16:00 (for groups of 10 persons and more).
At the top near the lift station there is a restaurant, a market with souvenirs, local foods and beverages. You can also go horse riding or drive a quad bike.
There is a pedestrian trail and cycle routes with different levels of complexity. The most popular sight here is a spring called "Painted Well" (Pysana Krynytsya).


Location — Slavske village, Lviv region.
Two-chairs lift, lifts to Pohar mountain (857 m), the length — 1060 m, the altitude difference — 280 m.
Lift ticket: adults — 100 UAH, children (under 14 years) — 50 UAH.
Working hours — 10:00-17:00.


Location — Slavske village, Lviv region.
One-chair lift, lifts to Trostyan mountain (1232 m high), the length — 2750 m, the altitude difference — 550 m.
Lift ticket — 160 UAH.
Working hours: weekdays — 12:00-16:00, weekends — 10:00-17:00.
There is a café and stands with food and beverages on the top. Horseback riding and quad bike rides are also available.


Location — Izky village, Transcarpathian region.
Two-chairs lift, lifts to Magura mountain (1516 m), the length — 980 m, the altitude difference — 220 m.
Sightseeing tour: adults — 100 UAH, children — 80 UAH (ascend on a ski lift, descent on foot).
Works only for groups of 6 people and more.
At the foot of the mountain near the station there is Kolyba restaurant.


Location — Vorokhta village, Ivano-Frankivsk region, near the ski-jumps.
One-chair lift.
Lift ticket — 30 UAH.
Working hours: 10:00-16:30, on request — 8:00-19:00.

Bukovel Ski Resort

Location — Polyanytsya village, Ivano-Frankivsk region.
Lift ticket: 120 UAH, children — 80 UAH.
Working hours: 9:00-19:00, down till 19:30.
At the top near the lift station there is Panorama bar.


Location — Pylypets village, Transcarpathian region.
Lift ticket: adults — 140 UAH, children — 100 UAH.
Working hours: 9:00-17:00 (on request — 9:00-20:00).
There is a bike trail and a ski lift for cyclists.

Krasia Ski Resort

Location — Vyshka village, Transcarpathian region.
Lift tickets: 1-chair lift — 30 UAH, 2-/4-chairs lift — 100 UAH.
Working hours: 10:00-16:00 (on request).

Alliance Ski Resort

Location — Mizhgirya village, Transcarpathian region.
One-chair lift, lifts to Trostyan Makovytsia (750 m high), the length — 950 m, the altitude difference — 303 m.
Lift ticket — 100 UAH.
Working hours: 09:00-17:00 (on request).
There is a viewing point and a café on the top.