For drivers

Roads in the city are in satisfactory condition, many of them have been under repair recently. Be ready for constant traffic jams not just during rush hours, but during the whole working day.

One more considerable problem of Lviv is a very small amount of parking places in the city centre and in neighbourhoods. In the central part parking in the streets requires payment. Payment is collected by the municipal workers.

Private parking places with guarding are in the city centre at Hnatiuk street beginning (Svoboda avenue side street) and in Korolenko street (Lychakivska side street) — check at chapter Parkings.

How to get Lviv:
Lviv has a very comfortable geographical disposition on the crossroads of several international and national roads. From Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Rivne one can go along the road M-06, from Lutsk go along the road H-17, from Ivano-Frankivsk go along the road H-09, from Ternopil go along the road H-02.

Distances to Lviv from other cities

Bratislava 676 km
Budapest 591 km
Warsaw 382 km
Donetsk 1286 km
Ivano-Frankivsk 136 km
Kyiv 535 km
Odesa 749 km
Prague 862 km
Uzhgorod 269 km
Kharkiv 1085 km
to the border with Poland 72 km (Krakovets)
to the border with Slovakia 272 km (Uzhgorod)
to the border with Hungary 253 km (Chop)
Parkings (parking places):
Filling stations:
Car services:
Car service on the roads - tel. 1561.