The main balneological resorts
in Carpathian region

Polyana, Salyavskyi district, Transcarpathian region
The health resorts in this village specialise in treating the patients with chronic diseases of organs of digestion. The formal list of the treated diseases is the same as for the other gastroenterological health resorts, though with some special features. In the official list of the diseases it is indicated that the patients beyond the exacerbation phase can be accepted. In Sonyachne Zakarpattya (Sunny Transcarpathians) and Polyana (Mountain Valley) there is efficient treatment without the usage of medicine for stomach ulcer, duodenum complaint, erosive gastritis (duodenitis) etc., but only if there are ulcer and erosions, but no pain syndrome or complications that require surgery.

Solochyn, Svalyavskyi district, Transcarpathian region
The spa resort mineral waters such as Kvitka Polonyny (The Flower from Mountain Valley) and Kryshtaleve Dzherelo (Crystal Spring) are used for drinking, carbonaceous mineral baths, bowel irrigation, inhalations and other methods of cavity insertion. Medical indications: diseases of the operated stomach, chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract as well as diseases of liver and gall duct, diabetes mellitus of light and medium degrees.

The Carpathians, Transcarpathian region
Medical indications: diseases of circulation organs and functional diseases of nervous system. It has a positive therapeutical effect on those who suffer from myocardial ischemia, stenocardia, aterosclerotic cardiosclerosis with insufficient circulation not higher than the 1st degree of severity, primary and secondary hypertension, rheumatic heart disease, neurosis and vasoneurosis. The medical facilities of the health resort include hydrohospital with baths with mineral silicic waters, vortical baths, therapeutical showers etc. There is also hydrokinesitherapy in health swimming pool and sauna.

Shayan, Transcarpathian region
Efficient treatment for liver, pancreas and intestine complaints. Here in the spa resort they use mineral waters such as carbonaceous, silicic, chloride-hydrocarbonaceous and calcium-sodium waters. There are pump and medical rooms (for bowel and stomach irrigation) as well as inhalatorium. Medical indications: chronic gastritis with secretory insufficiency, stomach and duodenum ulcer, chronic enteritis and enterocolitis, functional disorders of intestine, chronic colitis and cholecystitis, biliary dyskinesia, hepatitis etc.

Kvasy, Transcarpathian region
Here they treat for diseases of locomotor apparatus and peripheral nervous system. The therapeutical means include arsenic chloride hydrocarbonaceous sodium mineral baths (external use of the mineral waters).

Solotvyno, Transcarpathian region
Owing to their health characteristics, the waters of salt lakes in Solotvyno have analogy to the waters of Dead Sea. Mud cure has a positive effect on cardiovascular system, residual occurrence of phlebitis and trombophlebitis, organs of locomotor apparatus, nervous system, urological diseases, psoriasis etc. On the basis of salt mines there is treatment for bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases. Medical indications for speleotherapy: bronchial asthma of light and medium degree of severity, chronic obstructive diseases of respiratory tract as well as allergic diseases of respiratory tract, ENT organs, allergic dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Berehove, Transcarpathian region
Here there are thermal springs of silicic nitric carbonaceous chloride sodium waters of high mineralisation. There are some analogs in Kamchatka, Sakhalin, Iceland and New Zealand. The water temperature of the swimming pool in Berehove never gets lower than 36 °C, whereas the mineral water comes from the well that is 1680 m deep. Those waters have a positive effect on the patients with cardiovascular diseases, varix, arthritis, osteochondrosis, diseases of nervous system etc. The waters help to treat for the consequences of traumas of bone tissues, muscles and tendons. The water is white, non-transparent and tastes salty.

Koson (Kosyno), Transcarpathian region
Because of their content, thermal waters near the village Koson belong to the high thermal chloride natrium waters of medium mineralisation. The water is similar to world-known spa resort Hajdúszoboszló in Hungary. The colour of pool water in Koson is yellow-brown. It flows from the well 16T with temperature 60-80 °C, but it cools down up to 38-40 °C till it gets to the surface. The waters help to treat for disorders of locomotor apparatus, the consequences of traumas of bones and muscles, cardiovascular and nervous system as well as skin diseases; furthermore, the water properties favour to remove salt from bones and kidneys. The water temperature of one pool is 38 °C, while the temperature of another one is three degrees colder.

Lumshory, Transcarpathian region
On the territory of the spa resort Polonyna there is a well # 91. Mineral waters come from the well at the depth of 157 m. The waters belong to cold low sulfite low carbonated little mineralized hydrocarbonaceous waters. One should also mention about radon in the springs of mineral waters in Lumshory since its content is a little higher than on the hydrogeochemical background in Transcarpathians.

Vynohradiv, Transcarpathian region
Natural therapeutic factors are the basis of treatment. There are three types of mineral waters and each one of them has a wide range of indications for treatment the musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and peripheral nervous systems, respiratory diseases, disorders of endocrine system, metabolic activity and gastrointestinal tract. Mineral waters available: Teplytsya — highly mineralized bitter-salty thermal water; Olehivska — low mineralized silicon hydrocarbonate calcium-sodium water; Kushnytska — low mineralized boric sodium hydrocarbonate table water.

Dovhe, Irshava district, Transcarpathian region
Indications for treatment are diseases of cardiovascular system, digestive system, musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system and metabolic activity.

Velykyi Lyubin, Lviv region
The main therapeutical factors are hydrogen sulphide water by analogy to Matsesta and peat moor (mud). The spa treatment complex includes electric treatment, massages, hydromassages, hydropathic treatment, reflexotherapy, mud vaginal tampons, vaginal irritation, exercise therapy, inhalations etc. There are also rooms for laser therapy, homeopathy, iridology, functional diagnosing, X-ray, dental surgeries as well as logopedic rooms.
In the health resort the following diseases are treated:
Cardiology: ischaemic heart disease, stenocardia, hypertension, rheumatism, post infarction cardiosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis, trombophlebitis, varicose veins, vegetative vascular dystonia etc.
Neurology: functional nervous breakdowns such as neurasthenia, asthenoneurotic syndrome, sychastenia, vascular diseases of the brain, consequences of strokes, craniocerebral traumas, encephalitis, poliomyelitis, neuritis etc.
Here they also conduct rehabilitation for children with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis in the infant and maternal room.
Arthrology: straining arthrosis, arthritis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, spondylosis, the Bechterew's disease, post-traumatic complications, contractures and scars after burns and traumas.
Gynaecology: chronic inflammations of female reproductive system, secondary infertility, commissure diseases.
Dermatology: eczema, neurodermatitis, nettle rash, psoriasis, parapsoriasis, lichen ruber planus, scleroderma, ichtiosis, ichtios dermatitis, seborrhea, keratodermatosis, follicular dyskeratosis.

Morshyn, Lviv region
It is gastroenterological spa resort. Because of their cholagogue, diuretic and relaxing functions the mineral waters of this spa resort purify the organism and induce immunity which results in efficient treatment for the diseases of organs of digestion, ureteral duct, metabolism and allergic conditions. The arsenal of treatment with mineral waters includes spring #1 for treating insufficient acidity, spring #6 for treating retained and excessive acidity as well as spring #4 that has diuretic function. Here they also offer baths (the mineral, pearl, mineral coniferous, iodine bromide and herbal ones); showers (the hydrolaser, circulatory and rising ones as well as the Sharko shower); irrigation (the intestinal, gynaecological and mineral ones); mud cure (mud electrophoresis, mud rectal and vaginal tampons). Medical indications: chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis, pancreatitis without the susceptibility to acute condition; biliary and bowel dyskinesia; chronis gastritis and gastroduodenitis, gastric and duodenal ulcer; chronic colitis, entereocolitis, diseases of operated stomach and metabolism (diabetes mellitus, urine acid diathesis, obesity etc.); accompanying diseases (osteochondrosis, gynaecological and male genito-urinary diseases).

Skhidnytsya, Lviv region
Skhidnytsya is the best option for those who need kidney treatment. Mineral water Naftusya is able to induce bodily metabolism discharge, to cease metabolism disorders, to efficiently influence on gall productive function of liver, kidney secretory function, stomach secretory and evacuative functions as well as to regenerate bodily cells. There are 38 springs and more than 17 wells with various physico-chemical compositions on the territory of mineral water field in Skhidnytsya.

Truskavets, Lviv region
In this spa resort mineral waters such as Naftusya, Mariya, Sofiya and salt Barbara are used internally; for the external usage they use the waters of other springs in the form of baths, irrigation, bathing, hydromassages and inhalation. Medical indications: diseases of kidneys and ureter (chronic pyelonephritis, cystitis, urolithiasis, chronic prostatitis, congenital kidney anomaly etc.), diseases of organs of digestion (chronic hepatitis, cholecystitis, angiocholitis, chololith, biliary dyskinesia as well as dyskinesia of bladder and bowels, chronic pancreatitis, colitis, enterocolitis etc.) as well as diseases of metabolism (obesity, diabetes mellitus etc.).

Medobory, Ternopil region
Now there are four natural factors used with therapeutical and prophylactic purposes in the spa resort, namely hydrogen sulphide water by analogy with Matsesta, sodium chloride iodine bromine mineral water by analogy with Morshynska, sursulfate-hydrocarbonate peat and blue cay. Here they treat for: diseases of cardiovascular system (hypertension, angioneurosis, chronic trombophlebitis); diseases of organs of digestion system (gastritis, ulcer, colitis, hepatitis, cholecystitis, cholangitis); diseases of peripheral and central nervous system (radiculitis, neuritis); diseases of locomotor apparatus (rheumatoid arthritis, polyarthritis, osteochondrosis); diseases of pulmonary system; inflammatory gynaecological diseases and infertility; diseases of metabolic disorders and endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, thyroid gland, obesity); skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis).