Entertainment for children in Lviv city

Theatres, circus:
  • The First Ukrainian Theatre for Children and the Youth

    The theatre building was constructed in 1939 for Jewish theatre. In 1944 the Young Spectator's Theatre, which was founded in Kharkiv city in 1920, moved from Kharkiv to Lviv city. As time passed, it became the First Ukrainian Theatre for Children and the Youth and one of the most interesting children's theatres in Ukraine.

    Academician Hnatiuk St. 11
    N 49.841548 E 24.024802
    +38 (032) 272-68-41
    +38 (032) 272-78-10
    +38 (032) 272-78-13

  • Puppet Theatre

    It was opened on April 15, 1946. "Ivasyk-Telesyk" was the first show performed in the theatre and during the next 50 years it was performed regularly with a great success. Ivasyk-Telesyk, the main character of the play, was adopted as the theatre emblem. Lots of fairytale heroes from all over the world played their part on the  theatre stage: Koza-Dereza (Dereza Goat), Pan Kotsky, Farbovany Lys (The Painted Fox), Konyk-Horbunok (The Humpbacked Horse), Buratino (Pinocchio), Rimtimti Bear, Snow Queen, Wild Swans, Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, Daughter of India, Straw Bull, Tsock Pig, Golden Chicken, etc. — more than 200 shows have been bringing joy to the little spectators during all these years.

    Danylo Halytsky Sq. 1
    N 49.844357 E 24.031014
    +38 (032) 272-08-32

  • Lviv Studio Theatre of Miniature Shows "Men and Puppets" (I Liudy, i Lialky)

    It was founded in September 1990 by Oleg Novokhatskyi. By creating this unique theatre team, Oleg Novokhatskyi aimed to expand the framework of puppet genre, creating performances that would be interesting for adults as well as for children. New expressive means are used in these performances, where puppets live in 3D space and dramatic actors contact with the audience on different levels of communication: between the audience and actors, between the audience and created images and between the audience and puppets.

    O. Fredr St. 6
    N 49.836186 E 24.032984
    +38 (032) 274-00-25
    +38 (032) 261-31-25

  • On Saturdays and Sundays children's performances are also available in Lviv Opera House and in Theatre after Mariya Zankovetska.

  • Lviv Circus

    Lviv Circus is one of the most favourite places in Lviv city for joyfull family rest. It is the centre for circus arts of national and international recognition. World famous circus teams and performers, well-known between people of different generations, appear on the circus stage during their tours.

    Horodotska St. 83
    N 49.840261 E 24.013579
    +38 (032) 238-53-30
  • Children's railway
    Lviv children's railway was opened in 1951. Now it has 2 stations: Parkova and Soniachna, between them there runs a train named 'Viterets'. Length — 1,2 km.
    Stryiska St. 29 (in Stryisky park, near the Tax Administration)
    N 49.818841 E 24.020907
    May and September on Sundays, from June till August — every Saturday and Sunday
    12:15-13:45, 15:15-16:45
    Tickets: adult — 10 UAH, child — 5 UAH.

  • Amusement park
    Bolharska St. 4 (the Culture Park)
    N 49.828615 E 24.02669
    (032) 272-78-77
    Open from May till September, 11:00-20:00

    There are about 200 playgrounds in Lviv city. The most popular are:
  • in Stryisky Park (N 49.822296 E 24.021283),
  • "Roschen" in Na Valakh Park near the Powder Tower (N 49.843951 E 24.035199),
  • "Puzata Khata" in the Ivan Franko Park (N 49.839047 E 24.019047).
  • Children's café
    A. Mitskevych Sq. 5 (Antoshka shop)
    Open 10:00-21:00

  • Try Mitly (Three Besom Brooms) café
    D.Yavornytsky Sq. 1
    Open 12:00-22:00

  • Horseback rides and carriage rides are available on holidays and weekends on Svobody Ave. (Svobody Prospect), near the Opera House. There are also children's cars for hire and sometimes carousels are available.