Beaches, aquaparks

In summer everyone is attracted to water. Though Western Ukraine does not have an outlet to the sea, it offers many other opportunities: rivers, lakes, aquaparks. The developed infrastructure offers various public catering establishments and different entertainments: water attractions, sports playgrounds, fishing.
Recreation near the Dniester
The Dniester river valley in the middle part is narrow, winding, rich in magnificent scenery with stone cliffs and wooded banks. Confined structures of Dniester hydropower station created a reservoir as long as 194 km with a surface area of 142 km2. The maximum depth is 54 m.
The water in the reservoir is suitable for swimming, the top layer warms up in May.
Sandy beaches with sun beds, boating and water scooters are available.
Fishing — bream, carp, perch, chub, catfish.
Plyazh Aquapark
The biggest aquapark in Ukraine offers an entertaining, sports and curative kind of recreation.
Shepilska Recreation area
Near the hotel there are 2 huge ponds where one can fish and swim.
Swimming area is with a water slide, beach and a swimming pool.
Arbours, barbecue facilities, children's and sports playgrounds and an open-air cage where animals live.
Steam bath with a medical-curative vat, sauna.
Tsisarske urochyshche Tourist Complex (The Caesar's Tract)
Entertainment complex consists of wooden cottages, a kolyba (traditional local restaurant) and a Russian bath.
There are 3 lakes, gazebos with barbecue facilities and a playground on the well-organized territory.
Swiming and fishing are available (carp, crucian carp).
Billiards, table tennis, volleyball.
Archery, darts.
Bumeranh Recreation Area
Beach on the lake side, restaurant or pizzeria.
Small camp town placement.
  • water slides;
  • cutter, water skis, water "pill", water "banana", catamarans;
  • playground for volleyball and mini football (five-a-side).
Syloam Bath
Recreation area at the bank of a lake:
  • water slides;
  • boats, catamarans;
  • rafting, fishing;
  • overnight in tents.
There are barbecue facilities, children's playground anf a restaurants.
Chorna Hora Lake
Beach on the lake side, arbours, water slides.
Chorna Hora restaurant is nearby.
By Motor Boat along Dniester
Motor boat rides along the Dniester canyon.
Water skiing.
Overnight in tents.
Ray Rest Area
Natural basin 6 ha big. Fishing, arbours, Finnish house on the water.
Nad Strypoyu Hotel
Pond with a beach, boats and catamarans for hire.
Café, arbours, barbecue facilities and sports playgrounds are nearby.
Limpopo Aquapark
6 swimming pools, Turkish steam bath, solarium, fitness club, gym and a room with table tennis.
Nearby there is an entertaining complex with a disco club and a bar, bowling with 6 lanes and billiards.
Berehi-to Rest Area
Natural pond with carps.
Fishing places, arbours, playgrounds for volleyball and mini football.
Small camps.
Bay of Vikings
3 ponds, a beach, a slide for children.
Electrical boat, aquazorb, catamaran, rowing boat.
Lviv's Lake # 1
Pond with a beach, a water slide, raft trips, a pier.
Arbours, barbecue facilities, summer café.
In winter there is a skating-rink.
Lake to swim.
Tent placement, arbour.
Skating rink is available in winter.