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The National Museum in Lviv is one of the most prominent treasures of national culture and arts monuments in Ukraine which was founded in 1905 year by Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky. Nowadays the museum's funds number over 100 000 units, representing Ukrainian arts and national culture age traditions.
The museum has the fullest and the biggest collection of sacred arts in Ukraine of the XII-XVIII centuries. It includes icons, sculptures, scripts and ancient books, decorative fretworks. Icons of the XIV-XVIII centuries are represented the best, in particular from Western Ukraine. The most valuable examples there are of the XIV-XVI centuries — Golden Age of icon painting. Icon of this period is characterised by the composition perfection, the delicate purity of style, the colours harmony and by the spiritual sounding depth. Those are such prominent works as: George the Serpent Fighter of the XIV century, Archangel Michael and His acting of the XIV century, Virgin Odyhitriya of the XV century etc.

Ukrainian Renaissance and Baroque Epochs are represented in Ivan Rutkovych's (Zhovkva iconostasis of the XVII century) and Yov Kodzelevych's works (Bohorodchany iconostasis of 1698-1703). The last flash of Ukrainian Baroque is connected with the figure of Luka Dolynsky, his works merited acknowledgement in both sacred and secural arts samples.

At the same time the museum's funds contain masterpieces of such famous artists as Pinzel, Poleyovsky, Filevych and others. There is also a very valuable selection of Ukrainian folk and professional engravings of the XVII-XVIIІ centuries.

Development of Ukrainian arts of the ХІХ — beginning of the ХХ centuries is represented in the collection of painting works by the artists from Naddnipryanska and Western Ukraine. The pride of the museum's collection is a chain of Taras Shevchenko's original works. The collection of works of the ХІХ — beginning of the ХХ centuries contains the artistic heritage of Ukrainian fine arts classics such as K. Ustyjanovych, T. Kopystynsky, A. Manastyrsky, I. Trush, O. Kulchytska and others.

Working hours:
10:00-17:00, closed on Mondays.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 8 UAH
Students — 3 UAH
Children — 3 UAH
Excursions rates:
Adults — 40 UAH
Pupils and students — 25 UAH
Lviv city
Svoboda Av. 20

Tel.: +38 (032) 235-88-56
How to get there:
The Museum is located in the city centre, nearby the Opera House.
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