Worth seeing in Zhydachiv

  • Ancient Settlement (castle)

    The ancient settlement of Zhydachiv — Zudychev Settlement (there were two settlements within 800 m from each other in old times to be more precise) — is a national archaeological monument.
    The advantageous position of the fortifications made them strategic for the observation control and defence of the surroundings.
    The first castle here is supposed to be built in the times of king Kazimierz III (1310-1370).
    During XV-XVIII с. the castle served as a residence to the city headman. Here, also the documents were kept. Since XVIII c. the castle falls into decay, and today it is not preserved.
    During 1980-1990-s a number of excavations were held here under the guidance of Orest Korchynsky, the Lviv archeologist. The cultural layer of XII-XIII c., rich in various findings, was descovered.
    In 2002 the Memorial «To Fighters for Freedom of Ukraine» was established in the southern part of the former settlement.
    The author of the project is Ivan Samotosa, the sculptor.
    Address: Zhydachiv town
  • Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary

    The church of Assumption of Virgin Mary is one of the most prominent historic and architectural monuments in Zhydachiv. It is situated in the city center near the former market square. The church combines both typical gothyc features and elements of renaissance. The stone church was constructed in 1602. The main altar, dedicated to the assumption of Virgin Mary, — in 1612. In the same year the Zhydachiv headman Zolchinski presented the entrance door for the church. And from that time the unique carved entrance portal had been preserved.
    The church is connected with the events of 1676, when Jan III Sobieski won the victory over Turkish army near Zhuravno, and a mess was served in the church to honour the victory. The memorial plaque on the wall right from the main altar of the church reminds about it.
    In 1963 the church was closed, the bell tower and the altars were destroyed. The church served as a furniture storage, a bus station and, later, — as a local museum.
    Since 1989 it is a Roman-Catholic church.
    Address: Zhydachiv town
  • Church Of Resurrection of our Lord

    Найбільшою духовною скарбницею та гордістю мешканців міста є церква Воскресіння Господнього, історія якої сягає кін. XVII — поч. XVIII ст. Нинішню муровану церкву почали будувати у 1892 р. і 29 вересня 1901 р. освятили. Окрасою і найбільшою цінністю церкви є Жидачівська чудотворна ікона Матері Божої «Воплочення» в образі Оранти (виконана темперою). Це унікальна пам'ятка українського середньовічного малярства, виконана ієромонахом Веніаміном у 1406 р.
    1990 року храм повернуто греко-католицької громаді.
    Address: Zhydachiv