A small village Nahirne (around 130 people) is located about 37 km from the Skole town, along the international road
M-06 (Kyiv — Lviv — Chop). The mean altitude above sea level is approximately 770 m. The Dovzhky mountain range (maximum height 970-1056 m), which is a part of the Beskid mountains, starts next to the village.

As well as a nearby Dolynivka village it was founded in 1835 (as a German colony Annaberg) by Karl Shaif, the owner of a mansion in Smozhe village. The colonists came from the west part of Czech Republic and taught the local people to grow winter wheat. Their descendants lived there until 1940 and then were deported according to the exchange agreement between the USSR and Germany.

The village got a new name Anuvka (Annuvka) in 1939, the name Annaberg means Anna’s hill in German. Its modern name the village got in 1950.

A small local church, which was built by the German colonists, has got a very interesting history though its architecture is actually quite simple. First of all, it was moved sideways for 100 m in 1980 not to disrupt the construction of the international road to the Transcarpathian region. Secondly, it contains a part of another church, also German, brought from a nearby village Tukholka.

There are some green tourism farms in Nahirne. Be sure to try out local tracks and ski lifts in a nearby village Plavya.

Important information:
Village councilSmozhe village+38 (03251) 3-35-38
Information center +38 (032) 991-09-11
Post office service provided by the post office:
Tykholka village, Zelena Street, 8
+38 (03251) 3-21-25
Mountain Search and Rescue ServiceSlavske village, I. Franka Street, 8+38 (03251) 4-21-02,
+38 (097) 493-44-12