Dolynivka is a small village (about 300 inhabitants) located 37 km from the Skole town that stands on river Smozhenka. The average elevation above sea level is 750 m.

As well as the neighboring vilage Nahirne, Dolynivka was founded in 1835 as a German colony Felizienthal by Karl Scheiff, the owner of a castle in Smozhe.

In 1881, the village had an elementary school (its building has survived to our time), 38 houses, 245 residents, and a functioning match factory.

In 1939, Polish authorities renamed the village to Felin, and in 1950 the village received its current name derived from German word Tal meaning valley. Presumably, the new authorities did not give much thought to it and simply added a part of the old name to the new one.

A wooden Catholic church of Saint Ivan Nepomuk was built in Dolynivka in 1860, but at the beginning of 1990s, it was refashioned for the needs of the Orthodox village community and renamed to the Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Unfortunately, wooden churches are more often getting on fire in the recent years, and the wooden church in Dolynivka suffered the same fate in 2006.

Dolynivka can offer tourists accommodation in green tourism cottages, wonderful mountain views, and close location to ski resort Plavia.

Important information:
Smozhe village councilSmozhe village+38 (03251) 3-35-38
Information center +38 (032) 991-09-11
Post officeSmozhe, 45, T. Shevchenko St.+38 (03251) 3-35-25
Mountain Search and Rescue ServiceSlavske, 10 I. Franko St.+38 (03251) 4-21-02,
+38 (097) 493-44-12