The ski resort is located 950-1078 m above sea-level, 32 km from the Skole town, at the source of the river Tysovets and on the slope of Mount Yanovata.

The first mention dates back to 1538. According to some other documents the village was founded by Yanush Ostrozkyi in 1618. There were 24 houses and 124 villagers (all of them were Ukrainians) in 1880.

The territory around Tysovets was used for military forestry and as a training field (the members of the Warsaw Pact used this territory for their tank practice). Because of that all the villagers were deported in 1963, their houses were destroyed.

An old wooden Church of St. Mykhail (1863) — a typical example of Boikivskyi temple — was relocated to Lviv open air museum in 1972.

Army Tank Training Centre was re-formed into a sport-sanitary complex in 1977.

Tysovets today is a sport-sanitary complex of winter sports of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine. Sportsmen can practise ski jumping, biathlon, skiing, Nordic Combined, mountain-skiing, freestyle, slalom, etc. It’s a unique complex in Ukraine that provides an opportunity to practise in a mid-mountain region. The infrastructure of the complex includes a chairlift and three drag lifts, different ski-mountain routes, biathlon tracks, cross-country skiing and a gym.
Tysovets is famous for its unique 500-metre mogul skiing track which is a kind of freestyle. It is also an Olympic sport and they often hold mogul skiing competitions here.

Tysovets is based on a developed infrastructure with perfectly organized technology of servicing guests — a lot of nice apartments that vary in price range, great food and a wide selection of equipment rental.

There is a ski resort in the village Oryavchyk next to Tysovets. To the south of Tysovets you can visit Kozii, a natural monument with a unique beech forest and some elements of a beech virgin forest.

Legend of the founding of Tysovets
Tysovets is one of the oldest villages in the region. Local people suffered a lot during the invasion of Golden Horde.
The Mongols robbed and killed them.
One man couldn’t stand that, he took a horse and escaped to the mountains. It took him a while to get there so he decided to stop in the meadow. There was a yew tree ("tys" in Ukrainian) in the middle of the meadow. He spent a night under that tree.
The conquerors tried to trace him but the man tricked them by putting the horseshoes on his horse backwards. The Mongols went to Tukhlya.
Later some other men from the village joined him and so the territory was occupied. The place where the tree grew was called Tysovate and the new village Tysovets. The first man told everyone about his trick and was called Chudiovych (a man who can do tricks) because of that. There were a lot of people with a last name like that later on.

© "Pysana krynytsia" by Vasyl Sokil

Walking track:
To Rosokhatski meadows
Koziova village — Mount Mahura (1121) — Tysovets village — Mount Menchil (1126) — Rosokhatski meadows — Mount Vysokyi Verkh (1176)
Duration: 1 day
Distance: 25 km
Elevation gain: 309 m
Marker: 505 on a yellow background
Get to the meadow and enjoy a magnificent view of almost all Lviv region mountains — the Beskidy in Skole, Mount Pikui and Mount Chorna Ripa. Learn more about the fauna in Tyovets which can boast of some rare species. They plan to use this route to connect Turka town and Tukhlya village in a couple of years.
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Koziova Village CouncilKoziova village+38 (03251) 3-86-23
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5, 50-richia Vyzvolenia Street, Koziova village
+38 (03251) 5-86-25
Information center +38 (032) 991-09-11
Mountain Search and Rescue Service10, I. Franko Street, Slavskie village+38 (03251) 4-21-02,
+38 (097) 493-44-12
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 Tysovets view
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 Tysovets surroundings
 Tysovets surroundings
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