Worth seeing in Rozdil

  • Church of the Carmelites

    The wooden church was firstly mentioned in 1615, but it was damaged by the Tatar attack in 1620.
    Chernievski family began to built the stone church in 1616, but did not finish it.
    Rzewuscy family invited the Carmelites, having given the unfinished building of the church to them. The church was sanctified in 1648, and the well known icon of Our Lady of Czestochowa was put at that time.
    In the middle of the XVIII c. the church interior was decorated with seven altars. The stone monastery building was constructed in 1763, and the monks moved into it. In 1774 the church was sanctified under the name of St. Trinity.
    In 1945 the monks left for Poland taking with them the part of property, and the famous icon in particular.
    The monastery building served as a hospital, and the church — as a club house.
    In 1992 the church was given over to the local community.
    Address: Rozdil village
  • Palace

    The first magnate summer residence in the classicism style was built in Rozdil by Stanislaw Rzewuski, the Lviv territorial judge. He married Anna, the granddaughter of Matthew Chernievski, the first town owner, and got Rozdil as a portion. Only the outbuilding of this residence has been preserved.

    Michael Joseph Rzewuski built here a large mansion near 1740. It was a stone palace named Frankopil in honour of his wife Frantsishka. The palace was built in the style of French Renaissance typical for the castles of Loire valley.
    The regular park with exotic plants surrounded the residence in old times.

    After Rzewuski family the mansion became the property of Lanckoroński family till 1939.
    In 1874 Antony Lanckoroński began the palace reconstruction. It was done under the guidance of Juljan Zacharjewicz, the widely known Lviv architect. The palace was enlarged, and in 1904 rebuilt a bit.

    The palace was famous for its large art collection that could easily compete with that of Franz Joseph. Before II World war part of this collection was moved to Vienna. Now it is located in the museums of Krakow and Warsaw.
    Another part of it after the nationalization of the mansion in 1940 went to the museums of Odessa and St. Petersburg.

    During the Soviet period here the hospital was located. Now the former palace is in private property.

    Address: Rozdil village