Brody district

As an administrative unit, Brody district was formed in 1939, November 27. It is located in the northeast of Lviv region. The larger part of the district is placed on the gently sloping Brody plain which belongs geographically to Small Polissya. The average plain elevation is 240 m above sea level. The Verhniobuzky chain of Podilsky hill crosses the southeast. The highest point is Vysoky Kamin mountain, 440 m high. The forests occupy a large part of the region — 33,6% of its area. Here the rivers of Dnipro basin — Styr, Ikva and that of Dniester basin — Seret originate. The climate is mild and wet. West and southwest winds prevail. The district population is about 61 thousand persons.

 From the district history

Brody district is known by local outstanding persons. They are: Yakiv Holovatsky, one of "Ruska Triytsia" members; Ivan Trush, the prominent artist and publicist; Vasyl Shchurat, the poet, specialist in literature and public figure; Myron Tarnavsky, the Commander of Ukrainian Galician Army, etc.

Brody district is a motherland of Joseph Kozheniovski (1797-1863), the famous polish writer-romanticist, and Joseph Rott (1894-1939), the Austrian writer, who graduated from Brody secondary school. And Amaliya Natanson, Sigmund Freud's mother, is from Brody by origin.

There is no tourist infrastructure in the district, but there is a good deal of interesting monuments. There are several hotels and some dining options in Brody.

Worth seeing
  • Brody city with interesting architectural monuments
  • Castle ensemble (XVII с.) and Vasyliansky monastery (XVIII с.) in Pidhirtsi vil.
  • Dominican monastery (XV-XVIII с.) in Pidkamin vil.
Local wooden churches:
  • St. Virgin Church (1746), Zabolotsi vil.
  • Church of Protection (1740) with bell-tower, Lukavets vil.
  • Church of Nativity (1702) with bell-tower, Styborivka vil.
  • St. Michael Church (1751-1904) with bell-tower (1686), Shyshkivtsi vil.
Other monuments:
  • St. Bernard Catholic Church (1697), Leshniv vil.
  • Pototski Palace (XVIII с.), Konyushkiv vil.
Nature monuments:
  • Stone 17 m high in Pidkamin village that gave the name to the settlement, — the remains of sea reef having been created about 25 million years ago as a result of geological changes in the earth's crust. There is a legend about the stone: the devil carried it to ruin the monastery but the cock-crowing started, and the devil disappeared having left the stone not far from the monastery. Another legend says that an athlete brought it from the mountains to set up a fortress. N 49.9459247 E 25.3313828
  • Rock "Trynih", located on the territory of the nature reserve of the same name not far from Chernytsya and Perelisky villages. It is a picturesque fragment at the valley slope of river Ponykva. N 49.945904 E 25.2025723
  • Three lakes, so-called "Blue windows", that are situated near the road Yaseniv-Zharkiv.
Interesting events:
  • Ethnofestival «Pidkamin», is held every year at the end of July in Pidkamin village
  • "Buchynski festyny" is held annually in July in Buchyn village
 Pidhirtsi castle
 Coaching inn near Pidhirtsi castle  The territory of Pidhirtsi castle 
 Former St. Joseph Catholic church (18th cen.), the territory of Pidhirtsi castle
 Sculptures near St. Joseph Catholic church
 Sculptures near St. Joseph Catholic church
Hotels, hostels, campings, spa resorts
Restaurants, cafes, tastings
Routes for sightseeing or hiking tours
While staying in Brody, one can go on one-day tours to Pidhirtsi, Pidkamin, Pochaiv (by fixed-route taxi from a railway station).
Cycling route No 491 and foot route No 21 pass through the district.
Nature protective areas (national parks and forest reserves)
  • National nature park "North Podillya"
    It is situated on the territory of Brody, Busk and Zolochiv districts in Lviv region.
    There are unique plant species and beech forests here. One can find more than 200 plant species inside the park area. Just from here river Western Bug takes its rise.
  • Nature reserve "Leshnivsky"
    It is located on the territory of Leshnivsky forestry.
    Area: 58 hectares.
    Protected: secular pine trees and plants, growing among them, included to Red Book of Ukraine — snowdrops, lilies, lilies of the valley, tutsan, fern, etc.
  • Nature reserve "Pidhoretsky Park", Pidhirtsi village.
    Total area is 17 hectares.
    There are more than 70 kinds of trees and bushes from different continents on the XVIII с. park territory. And among them — American lime-tree; white spruce; Liriodendron tulipifera, commonly known as the tulip tree, magnolia, plane tree, etc.
  • Forest reserve "Pidkamin"
    It is located in Pidkamin forestry.
    It was formed for protection the plantations of beech European in natural environment and studiing the natural process of forest renovation.
  • Botanic nature monument "Konvaliya (Lily of the valley)"
    It is located on the territory of Brody forestry.
    Area: 28,1 hectares.
    Protected: lily of the valley that grows among pine trees.
  • Tract reserve "Pisky (Sands)"
    It is situated on the territory of Leshnivsky forestry.
    It is a highly productive plantation of pine-trees at the age of more than 80 years. There are bilberries, moss, etc. in the grass cover of the reserve.
  • Tract reserve "Zabolottsivske"
    It is situated on the territory of Zabolottsivsky forestry.
    Area: 46,2 hectares.
    It is an important highly productive plantation of oak-trees at the age of more than 85 years.
    And, on this territory, there is tract reserve "Synychivske" with the area of 16 hectares, formed to protect an important highly productive plantation of pine-trees of the age of more than 50 years.
  • Tract reserve "Lahodivske"
    Area: 6,2 hectares.
    It was formed to protect natural landscape with an important highly productive plantation of pine-trees.
  • Botanical reserve "Makitra"
    It is located between Sukhovollia village and Buchyna village on the mountain Makitra.
    Area: 16 hectares.
    Protected: a unique area of north steppe greenary of Volyn type. One can meet a great ammount of flowers and herbs at the territory of the reserve.
  • Dendrological park of Berlinsky forestry in Brody district.
    Founded in 1974.
    Area: 4,6 hectares.
    Park includes 167 species and forms of trees and bushes.
 Important information:

Hotels, hostels, campings, spa resorts
Restaurants, cafes, tastings