Worth seeing in Pidhirtsi

  • Monastery of Annunciation

    The first church and the monastery building were constructed in 1180 at the expense of princess Helen. In 1241 the complex was destroyed by Mongol horde. The monastery revivification in 1583 was connected with Zosyma, the monk of Mount Athos, who comes from Bily Kamin village. Danylovychi family, who owned the Olesko Castle as a family estate, supported the monastery, too. In the period of the late XVII с. — early XVIII с. the further development and building of the monastery complex began. The present church of St. Onufriy and the monastery building were constructed at that time. They are the bright monuments of baroque style of the local architectural school. In the Soviet period the church served as a storage, and the monastery building served as a hospital. Since 1989 the complex has belonged to the Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Pidhirtsi village
  • The National Nature Park «Northern Podillya» is the protected area in the eastern part of Lviv region. It was founded in 2009 to protect the unique nature and historic complexes and objects in the Northern Podillya, especially local virgin beech forests.
    Address: Pidhirtsi village, Haharin St., 2-b
  • The castle was built during 1635-1640 under the guidance of Andrea dell'Aqua and Guillaume Le Vasseur de Beauplan, widely known architects. It is one of the best monuments of the late Renaissance style. The castle was considered to be the place for rest and entertainment. It was famous for its theatre, parties and hunting. The park around the castle enhanced its beauty and attractiveness. And even today the park impresses the visitors. Since 1997 the castle has been under reconstruction.
    Working hours: 11:00-18:00, Tu. 12:00-17:00; closed on Mo.
    Address: Pidhirtsi
  • Plisnesko Settlement

    The Plisnesko ancient settlement is a unique monument of the early medieval history of Ukraine that has been studied for 200 years. It is located not far from Plisnesko farmstead (Pidhirtsi village) where remains of the Slavic settlement and the ancient town have been preserved. They are mentioned in the old chronicles, particularly in «The Song of Igor's Campaign». Now the Plisnesko ancient settlement is a state monument of archaeology and it needs further research.
    Address: Pidhirtsi village