Shops in Havarechyna

  • Folk master Ivan Lukovsky

    Ivan Lukovsky is a potter who creates famous ceramics in Havarechyna according to old technologies. He is one of several masters who kept this unique skill till nowadays.
    One can buy souvenirs as well as earthenware: large pots, jugs, pots, plates, vases, cups etc...
    Black (made with black smoke, grey, smoked) unwrought ceramics is made of special clay on the potter's wheel. Then goods are smoothed with a special stone, which originates of the same clay deposit. Ornaments are also made with the help of this stone and then dried. After burning (in the oven without air access) smoothed surface has dark-silver colour, and unsmoothed surface has black colour.
    Address: Havarechyna
    Open: 08:00-20:00