Worth seeing in Brody

  • The fortress in the western suburb of Brody was built already in XIV c. Then, during 30s of XVI c., a new stone fortress was built that looked as a pentagon. Andrea del Aqua, a well-known architect, guided the construction of the fortress, and Guillaume Levasseur de Boplan, a French engineer, was the author of the project. Stanislaw Koniecpolski, a great crown Hetman, gave money for the construction. The castle in Brody was built to solve several problems: to protect local people, to hold control over trade routes and to prevent the tatars' attacks. In 1648 the castle resisted the two month's siege of the Cossack army.
    In the middle of XVIII с. the new owners — Potocki family — built a two-storey palace and an overgate baroque tower with a clock. The castle became a place for parties and various festivals. In 1812, before Napoleon march, the Austrians were made to destroy the fortress partly. Today only remains of moats and casemates have been preserved. Now the exhibition halls of the Brody Historical Museum of Regional Ethnography are located in the former palace.
    Address: Brody town
  • Church of St. George

    The church was built in XVII c., later it was rebuilt in XVIII and XIX c. The paintings in the church were renovated in 1933. It is considered to be a prominent monument of the local architectural school. It was widely known as «the merchant church» because Greek and Armenian merchants donated money for its construction. The church was firstly mentioned in 1628. In the XIX c. there was a silver chalice in the church presented by Johzyphyna Lvivska in 1600. That's why some historians date the church to the late XVI — early XVII c. After II World War the temple was closed. In 1990 it was repaired and consecrated. There is a highly artistic iconostasis in rococo style inside the church.
    Address: Brody, Poshtova St., 11
  • Church of St. Trinity

    The church of st. Trinity was built in 1744. The main throne with the icon of st. Trinity was placed in 1829. In 1960-es the church was rebuilt into a clubhouse. It was restored in 1994 (the author of the project B. Kindzelsky), and a new iconostasis with the elements of the old one was established, too. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Brody, Velyky Filvarky St., 26
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin

    The church was firstly mentioned in 1627, though, traditionally, it is dated to the late XVI c. and it is considered to be the oldest church in Brody because of its style of construction — unusual and incomprehensible. Luckily, the church was not damaged during the wars, and in the Soviet period it was not closed. Now it is one of the largest temples in the town that belongs to the Ukrainian Orthodox church.
    Address: Brody, I. Franko St., 14
  • Parochial Catholic Church

    The Catholic parish already existed in Brody in XVI c. Dying, Hetman Stanislaw Konetspolski expressed his will that the stone church should be built. But only his grandson fulfilled his will in 1660s. The church was rebuilt and restored several times because of fires. In 1993 the building was given to the Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Brody, V. Stus St. 9
  • Synagogue

    The Synagogue was built in 1742 by the Jacob Itskovych's money. It is interesting that Baal Shem Tova, a wonder-worker and founder of Hasidism, is directly connected with it. During II World War the building was damaged violently. Since 1960 it was used as a storage. Today the building is still waiting for the restoration.
    Address: Brody, Honcharska St., 12