Worth seeing in Zolochiv

  • Church of Ascension

    The monument, widely known as the church of Ascension, is now called the church of Assumption of the Holy Virgin. This prominent example of the baroque architecture was built in 1731-1763.
    The church was restored in 1878. At that time the tower was built and the clock was established. The roof was covered with the galvanized sheet metal; five sculptures were put into the hovels. Those sculptures are preserved till nowadays. The wall paintings in the interior come from the XIX c.
    Address: Zolochiv, H. Skovoroda St. 2
  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The church of St. Nicholas is the oldest one in the town that has been preserved. It is an architectural monument of the XVI c. In old times it was a part of the town forfications, that's why it was called 'the church on the ramparts'. And even today one can notice its defense features: thickness of the walls and typical window openings.
    In 1765, after the reconstruction, the church got its modern look. Mykola Pototsky, the well-known sponsor and promoter of the Cathedral of the Assumption in the complex of Pochayv monastery, gave money for the reconstruction. In the monastery workshops the iconostasis for the church of St. Nicholas was made.
    It is most likely that Anton Shtyl and Francisk Olensky, the followers of the Master Pinzel, are the authors of the carving and sculpture.
    Since 1990 it is a Greek-Catholic church, and the renovated wall paintings of Modest Sosenko decorate its interior.
    Address: Zolochiv, Valova St., 11
  • Church Of the Resurrection of Our Lord

    The church Of the Resurrection of Our Lord was built in 1624-1627 as a parish Roman-Catholic church by Jacob Sobieski, the father of Jan III Sobieski, the Polish king. The structure is a national monument of the Renaissance architecture.
    In 1838 the church was given to the Greek-Catholic community of Zolochiv.
    Now it belongs to the local Orthodox community.
    Address: Zolochiv, M. Shashkevych St.
  • Zolochiv castle was built in the I half of the XVII c. It is a typical fortification structure of that period, the so-called 'palazzo in fortezzo'. From the old times the Big Palace, the China Palace and the gateway tower have been preserved.
    Working hours: 11:00-18:00, Tu. 12:00-17:00; closed on Mo.
    Address: Zolochiv, Ternopilska St., 5
  • Zolochiv mansion

    Zolochiv mansion is the oldest and the most interesting structure in Zolochiv. It is situated in the town center, and the first historic documents about Zolochiv are connected with it. The monument dates back to the end of the XIV c. In its construction it is a transitional structure between a donjon and a country house; in architecture — a transition between the late Roman style and the Renaissance. It is the only building of the type in Ukraine.
    Address: Zolochiv town