Museums in Zolochiv

  • Gallery

    The art gallery is located at Zakutok (The Nook) hotel. Its name is mysterious and romantic — 'Western Ukraine Castles — four Seasons of the Year'. Its exposition was formed thanks to regular plein-airs organized on the base of the hotel. Now 46 modern artists from different regions of Ukraine, Poland and Byelorussia are the participants of the action. They have an opportunity to visit castles, fortresses and monasteries and then reflect their impressions on the canvas. During summer 2011 part of gallery's collection was exhibited in Zolochiv Castle exhibition hall. Besides, modern art lovers can buy works they liked.
    Address: Zolochiv, Vokzalna St. 28a, hotel «Zakutok» (The Nook)
    Open: Should be arranged
  • Museum was founded in 1991 for popularization of the creative work of M. Shashkevych and other popular people of the region. It has two departments: that of literature and that of ethnography. Its exhibits present materials about prominent people of Zolochiv region and samples of 'black' ceramics (made in Havarechchyna village).
    Address: Zolochiv, Sichovi Striltsi St. 12
    Open: You are to make an arrangement beforehand
  • Today museum-preserve attracts visitors both by its architectural complex and by expositions 'Eastern cultures' in Chinese Palace and those of 'Castle's History','Old Interiors' in the Big Palace of the castle.
    Address: Zolochiv, Ternopilska St. 5
    Open: 11:00-18:00, Tu. 12:00-17:00; closed on Mo.