Ski lifts and slopes in Volosyanka


Zakhar Berkut Ski lifts in Slavske


The resort is located in Volosyanka village on the territory of the tourist centre with the same name, 6 km from the centre of Slavske village.
Comparatively new ski lifts go up Zvorets mountain (1223 m) that is smoothly changed by Vysoky Verkh mountain (1242 m).
Four ski lifts function here in winter: the longest chair lift in Ukraine (for 2 persons) and three drag lifts. The capacity of the chair lift is 320 persons per hour, drag lifts — 900 persons per hour.

Along the chair lift there is an intermediate station (1075 m), and nearby its top station there are top stations of two drag lifts. The third drag lift is located down the slope.

If the weather conditions are favourable, rope tows are installed separately for children and beginners.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude
Working hours
chair lift 2710 m 552 m 9:00-16:30
drag lift (top) 740 m 170 m 9:00-16:30
drag lift (lower station) 700 m 186 m
drag lift (top) 820 m 149 m
Rates Mo.-Fr. Sa.-Su.,
per 3 hours 550 UAH 650 UAH
per day 750 UAH 900 UAH
There are discounts for children.
Sightseeing tickets Rate
adult ticket 300 UAH
adult ticket (downhill) 170 UAH
children's ticket (children from 110 cm to 140 cm tall) 160 UAH
discount for participants of hostilities and ATO 200 UAH

You can go down the trails with the total length of 9 km and different level of complexity: from the average to the high level. Easier trails are located in the upper part of the mountain, and the most difficult trail is near the lower drag lift. For the beginners and amateurs left part of the mountain will best fit (in the direction of Pysana krynytsya well).

There is Vysoky Verkh cafe-kolyba near the top stations of the lifts. There are also hot dishes of homemade cuisine and drinks (herbal tea, mulled wine etc.) available. You can also buy some hot food near the lower stations of the drag lifts. There is also a cafe down the mountain and at the intermediate station of the chair lift.

Close to the foot of the mountain there are ski rental agencies with ski equipment, snowboards and sleighs for hire. There is also instructor's service available (100 UAH per hour). There is a rescue service, a snowcat. On the territory of the resort there functions electronic system of admission and skipasses for the whole day. Almost near each station there is a scheme of ski lifts and slopes of Zakhar Berkut ski resort.

Tours on snowmobiles are offered to skiers on the top of the mountain.

To get to the mountain near the railway station in Slavske village, you can rent a taxi HAZ-66 (ГАЗ-66) or UAZ (15-20 min. driving, 20 UAH per person). You can also get to the top of Vysoky Verkh mountain by this transport.

Scheme of ski lifts
Conventional signs
In the summer:
Two-chairs lift functions here.
Lift ticket: adults — 250 UAH, children (5-12 years) — 150 UAH.
Lifting time — 55 min.
Working hours — 9:00-18:00 (for groups of 10 persons and more).
At the top near the lift station there is a restaurant, a market with souvenirs, local foods and beverages. You can also go horse riding or drive a quad bike.
There is a pedestrian trail and cycle routes with different levels of complexity. The most popular sight here is a spring called 'Painted Well' ('Pysana Krynytsya').
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There is a private drag lift which belongs to Ilz Recreation Centre in Volosyanka village (12 km far from the centre of Slavske).

The local trail is the blue one and is good for beginners.

Type of the ski lift Length Altitude difference Working hours
drag lift 750 m 150 m 9:00-20:00

Nearby the lower station there is a restaurant, a bar and a ski rental (ski, snowboards — 70 UAH per day, sledges); instructor services are available (from 200 UAH per hour). There is a snowcat and night illumination.

Mind that you can get to the recreation centre only by four-wheel drive vehicle. The easiest way: go 3 km up to Reshitka hamlet (Ternavka village), where you can get by bus.

Conventional signs
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In Slavske village there are also several ski lifts and slopes.