Worth seeing in Khodoriv

  • Church of All Saints

    The church of All Saints is one of the oldest monuments in Khodoriv.
    The Roman Catholic Parish started in Khodoriv in 1460: it was the time when Yuriy Khodorovsky, the town owner, built the first wooden church. The church was destroyed during the Tatars attacks of 1620-1621. The second wooden church was burned in 1655, during the Swedish-Russian war.
    At the early XVIII c. the third wooden church was built on costs of Khodorovski family and, later, — of Cetner family. In 1760-s the building required already repairs and had three altars — those of Trinity, All Saints and Crucifix.
    The stone church that had been preserved till today was built in 1777-1779 on costs of Zhevuski family. The author of the project was Florian Richter. The church was restored in 1830, repaired in 1896-1898. The chapel was built and the side altars were established at that time.
    In 1934-1935 the church was rebuilt again under the guidance of Lavrentiy Daychak, the architect. The interior of the church is not now so impressive as it used to be in old times.
    Address: Khodoriv town
  • Palace

    The Palace, surrounded by the park, was built in Khodoriv after 1860. It was the property of baron Kazim de Vaux.
    During the I World War the Palace was damaged in 1915. It was reconstructed in 1932-1933 by prince Eugine Liubomirsky.
    The building has been preserved, and serves now as one of the hospital buildings.
    Today the former Palace is a local architectural monument.
    Address: Khodoriv, B. Khmelnitsky St.