Zoological Museum
Uzhgorod National University

The Museum was founded in 1946. It was organized by I. Koliushev, the assistant professor, the Chief of spinal animals zoology department of that time. Firstly, the exhibition collections were used by the students-biologists. They helped to master the base of animal's systematization, to study their expansion, etc. During the museum's existence its exposition and stocks have been constantly supplemented thanks to the research expeditions (the Caucasus, the White sea, Azerbaijan, the Volga basin, Askaniya Nova). The exchange of experience between the zoological museums of Odessa, Tashkent, Tomsk, Lviv, Moskva, Samarkand cities has been made too.
Due to this fact, the Museum's exposition numbers about 5 thousand exhibits. Besides, the collections which number more than 150 thousand articles of insects, fish, birds, mammalia, are kept in the funds quarters.

The fauna of all the world continents and oceans is presented in the museum. The raptorial birds and owls collection (170 pieces), collected at the beginning of the XX c. by A. Hrabar, Uzhgorod ornithologist, deserves great attention. This collection is one of the best in Central Europe.

The tropical beetles collection and the shooting salvage (horns of ungulates), collected by another townman — Laudon, take a prominent place in the museum's exposition.

Each year the museum's staff organize ornithological camping in different cornes of the region. They keep contacts with Zoology Institute named after I. Shmalhauzen NAS of Ukraine (Kyiv), the Naturalistic Zoomuseum NASU (Lviv) and others. Nowadays the Museum plays the role of the Regional Scientific Center.

Working hours:
08:00-15:00; closed on Saturday and Sunday.
Entrance fee:
Free of charge.
The excursions should be arranged.
Uzhgorod city
A. Voloshyn St. 54

Теl.: +38 (0312) 61-66-50
How to get:
The museum is located in the historical city center, not far from Uzhgorod castle.
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