Zhovkva Castle is a prominent architectural monument of the Renaissance epoch. Stanislaw Zholkiewski ordered the castle to be built as a defense structure. It was constructed during 1594-1606. According to the plan of the owner the castle included four buildings, connected by special galleries with four towers.

In its scheme the castle had the shape of the defensive yard, widely spread in Galicia. The main wing housed apartments, the side ones — utility rooms, and the front wing served as a defense structure. The castle was built under the guidance of Paweł Szczęśliwy — the master of Lviv guild of builders. He came to Zhovkva in 1594, and during 1601-1610 he was the first city headman. After his death Pavlo Rymlyanyn (Paolo Dominici Romanus) — another prominent Lviv architect of the time — is likely to have continued the castle construction.

In 1610 the castle was already inhabited. At once it became the center of economical, political and cultural life of the city and its owners, serving also as a defense for the local people from Tatars attacks.

At the end of XVII c. the castle was a favourite residance of Jan III Sobieski, the Polish king. It was the period of the greatest castle prosperity.

After numerous reconstructions the castle has got its modern look. Its reconstruction is going on now, though for visitors the inner courtyard and the museum are available.

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