Tourist Information in Zhovkva

  • Tourist Information Center

    The center provides the following services:
    information about tourist possibilities of the region;
    tours around Zhovkva and Zhovkva region, Krekhiv and Lviv;
    sale of maps, guidebooks, souvenirs;
    translation services.
    Address: Zhovkva, Vicheva Sq. 1 (Town Hall)
    Open: 9:30-18:00 (April-November) 9:30-18:00, closed on Sat. and Sun. (December-March)
    Phone: +38 (032) 522-24-98
  • Visit Center

    Services of the centre:
    providing visitors with information about tourist facilities of the reserve;
    excursions around the reserve: Zhovkva Castle, museums, exhibition halls;
    selling maps, guidebooks and souvenirs.
    Address: Zhovkva, Vicheva Sq., 2 (Entrance gate)
    Open: 10:00-17:00, closed on Mon.
    Phone: +38 (032) 522-25-49