The Museum in Memory of the Victims of Stalin's Repressions


The museum complex was opened on October, 2009, in the former estate of a Roman Catholic priest. It consists of several sections: the house with the museum exposition, a memorial stella, a chapel, an authentic grave with a cross and a bunker of UPA soldiers (kryivka, model).

The main house was rebuilt in the late 19th century. It used to be a stable where 26 people were tortured and killed (25 July, 1945), among whom were members of the intelligentsia and students from around Shchyrets. The modern building consists of two rooms: one with information stands about the tortured and the liberation movement of the nation, and the other one called 'Ukrainian House'.

The part of the first room holds the photographs of the tortured people with their names and social status defined, there are also pictures of the place taken during those times. The remarkable point there is a picture of Pan Petro (Pan is a local way of adressing a man) who was incredibly lucky to escape from there. You can also see there an icon of Hoshivska Virgin Mary, wich was believed to fall down in a living room of a grandmother whose student grandson was taken from the train and sent to the executioner. There's a mini stand on the ground where those Soviet officials are 'thrown' who were involved into the tortures.

The other part of the room presents materials about the history of the clergy, intelligentsia and Ukrainian nationalists repressed during the era of Stalin. There are also stand-alone exhibitions dedicated to Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and soldiers of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) where you can see authentic clothing (embroidered shirt, uniform) and possessions (typewriter, cannons) belonged to the warriors. There's a separate place for books about those particular times in Ukrainian history and a  personal stand for a 19-year-old soldier Vasyl whose execution was oredred to be observed by the whole local school.

The newest exhibition is dedicated to the Heaven's Hundred (Nebesna Sotnya). Items put on display there are personal possessions of the Hundred's members from the region: a sweater, a raincoat, a helmet, a gas mask, a flag from the Euromaidan, and many more.

Entering the room, you'll see the exhibition 'Life Behind Barbed Wire', which tells a story about the tragic lives of the locals in Syberia. An interesting ehxibit there is a map with places where the repressed were kept, marked with black crosses. In the corner you can see a window with personal belongings of those people, which now are turned into memorabilia for the local citizens.

'Ukrainian House' contains a collection of authentic household items gathered by the locals. There are the most important items for a traditional Ukrainian house: a bed, a craddle, a chest and bambetel (type of a bench). The place is decorated with icons, rushnyks and vyshyvankas (embroidered towels and shirts), 'Crimean' shawls, solomyanyks (footwear), cast ironing facilities, a loom, a millstone, a sewing machine, a washing board, kitchen utensils and other items which were used previously in the household.

10:00-19:00; Monday, Tuesday — closed.
Entrance fee:
Free of charge; voluntary donations are appreciated.
Contact info:
Lviv region
Pustomyty district
Shchyrets town
S. Bandera St., 5

Tel.: +38 (098) 892-96-81
How to get there:
By public transport
Go by bus or train from Lviv city to Shchyrets. The museum is located in the central part of the town, nearby the church of St. Stanislav.
More information about public transport.

By car
Go along the road Lviv-Pustomyty-Shchyrets (T1416). The museum is located in the central part of the town.
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