Museums in Shchyrets

  • The museum complex was opened in October 2009. There are several objects located in the complex: the building with museum exhibitions, the memorial stele, the chapel, the burial with an authentic cross and the bunker (kryivka) of UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) soldiers.
    The main museum building is the restoration of the older house (late 20th cent). Later there was a stable where 26 innocent people were tortured on Jul 25, 1945. There were local students and members of intelligentsia among them.
    In the modern building there are 2 rooms: in the first one there are exhibitions dedicated to the tortured people and liberation movement of Ukrainian people in general; the second one is called 'Ukrainian House' and contains collection of the old household items and clothing.

    Address: Shchyrets, S. Bandera St. 5
    Open: We.-Su. 10:00-19:00, closed on Mo. and Tu.
    Phone: +38 (098) 892-96-81