Worth seeing in Horodok

  • Church of Exaltation of the Holy Cross

    According to historic chronicles, the church was found by Vladislaw Opolchyk. Firstly it was a wooden church, later it became a stone one. After the fire of 1616 the church was reconstructed and rebuilt, and it became twice as big as it was. The bell tower was built in the XVIII c. During the XX c. the church was reconstructed according to the project of architect B. Victor. This made the church look very interesting. The facade was decorated with three scuptures of unknown masters: St. Virgin (at the top) and St. Peter and St. Paul (at the bottom).
    Address: Horodok, Lvivska St. 4
  • Church of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin

    The church of the Annunciation of the Holy Virgin firstly was a wooden one. In 1633 the stone church was built instead. The church was rebuilt for several times. The wall paintings inside the church date to the 1950-s. The iconostasis comes from that period, too. The church resembles very much the church of Assumption in Lviv as far as its spatial composition is concerned. On the whole it is a beautiful sample of the Renaissance architecture. Nowadays it is a Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Horodok town
  • Monastery of Franciscans

    The monastery complex was built in the time of king Wladyslaw Jagiello in XV c. There is a legend about the King's heart having been buried in the monastery wall. In the early XIX c., due to reforms of Maria Theresa, the monastery was suppressed. The church served as a prison and the cells served as rooms for Austrian soldiers. During I and II World Wars the complex was used for military mission. After II World War it served as a storage. In 1994, August it was handed to monks of the Studite rule. Today it is a monastery of Transfiguration with the Greek-Cathlic church of Transfiguration of Our Lord.
    Address: Horodok, Parkova St., 3
  • The church of John the Baptist

    Теперішня церква побудована на місці старої в 1754 р. Настінний розпис в храмі виконав Федір Щербокоський у 1861 р. Церкву реставрували в 1980 р. за проектом архітектора Б. Кіндзельського. Храм є пам'яткою архітектури галицької школи. Певний час тут був влаштований краєзнавчий музей. В кінці 1980-х рр. в церкві відновили богослужіння. Сьогодні це храм громади УАПЦ.
    Address: Horodok, V. Stus St., 12
  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall was built in 1832 and is an architectural monument of classicism style. It is located at the southern corner of the town central square. The Town Hall is a two-storey building with a square tower. On the tower there are coat of arms of Horodok and a clock. Today the town authorities are located here. Besides, Regional Historical Museum is placed on the ground floor.
    Address: Horodok, Haydamaki Sq., 6