Horodok Museum of History and Local Lore


Founded in 2007, officially opened 22 Jan, 2010, it stores the collection of over 800 items (partially in storage).

There are three exposition rooms with a variety of exhibits dated back to the late 19th — early 20th centuries.

In the first room local archaeological finds are displayed. In particular, a silicon item from the 13th century, finds from Great Lyubin archaeological culture (the Bronze and Iron Ages), ancient fibulae, etc. You can find out there about the history of the town and some of its remarkable citizens. There are also such exhibits displayed as military items of WWI and WWII together with things of more modern periods (the Revolution of Dignity, Antiterrorist operation — ATO).

The second room, which is the biggest, displays everyday items (old utensils, clothing, furniture, embroidered pictures), musical instruments and a variety of religious exhibits (a wooden rosary, a shroud, icons). One wall is dedicated to a huge selection of commendation letters from such organizations as: Ukrainian People's Republic, Ukrainian Galician Army, Sich Riflemen, Sokil, Sich, Plast, and some from the WWII period. You can also see there old books and documents having to do with remarkable figures from the district around.

The exposition gems: an embroidered shirt made with a special type of Horodok seam (the item about 120 years old); a handkerchief embroidered in exile with a fishbone; a pillow case and a school bag belonged to a famous musician Lesya Bazhanska.

The third room is an art gallery.

9:00-18:00; Saturday, Sunday — by prior arrangement.
Entrance fee:
Free of charge. Voluntary donation is appreciated.
Contact info:
Lviv region
Horodok town
Haydamakiv Square, 6

Tel.: +38 (03231) 3-32-59
+38 (096) 358-40-98
How to get there:
The museum is located in the town centre, in the building of the Town Hall.
49.784203  23.646392  
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