Transport in Bryukhovychi

How to get to Bryukhovychi:

Go to Bryukhovychi by bus No8 or No22 from Lviv. It will take 20-40 minutes to get there.

There is another variant of getting there, though it is less convenient and quick — go by electric train Lviv–Rava-Ruska (it runs twice a day — about 9:00 am and about 9:00 pm. It will take 30 minutes to get to Bryukhovychi.

Railway station:
Telephone Address
+38 (032) 226-24-28, 226-24-87 Nezalezhnist Ukrainy St., 16
+38 (098) 436-00-18

Taxi stands are located near the railway station and near the cafe "Cheburechna".

Calling taxi from Lviv is also available.