Eugene Konovalets Museum
(Lviv Historic Museum Department)

Museum exposition is located in the rooms of the Konovalets's family house, which is devoted to UNR army colonel, military figure and politician and to the head of Ukrainian Nationalists Command — Eugene Konovalets.
On May 23, 1990 the Ukrainian language society initiated the opening of this museum. In June 14, 1991 on the occasion of E. Konovalets's birthday centenary near the house there was the monument of the colonel placed (authors — R. Romanovych sculptor and V. Potyuk architect). On the night of the ninth to tenth of July the monument was exploded. The second variant of E. Konovalets monument (in bronze) was made in December 8, 1991. The mutilated bust was left near the new monument as the witness of history. On March 1, 1993 E. Konovalets museum got a status of the state museum and became Lviv Historic Museum Department.

Museum's exhibits are located in four rooms. E. Konovalets's childhood and youth are represented in the first room, his military and underground activities are represented in the second room. The third room materials inform about UMO and UNO establishment and guidance, underground struggle.

Among exposition there are rare objects such as the father's chair, the embroidered doily by mother and an image-photograph of St. Teresa. It is very difficult to find any objects which belonged to the Konovalets's family. The last museum's replenishment is furniture from E. Konovalets's house in Rome.

Annually on May 23 and on June 14, at E. Konovalets's death and birth, special jubilee actions are held. Since 2006 the Youth festival takes part there, named Na Festyny do Eugena, which is devoted to the colonel's birthday.

Entrance fee:
Adult — 30 UAH
Student, pensioners — 20 UAH
Excursions rate:
For adults, students, pensioners — 100 UAH.
Working hours:
From 10:00 to 18:00
Sunday from 10:00 to 17:00
Wednesday — day off.
Lviv region
Zhovkva district
Zashkiv village
E. Konovalets St. 312

Tel.: +38 (063) 477-70-41
+38 (067) 977-61-12
49.955236  23.989682  
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