Worth seeing in Rava-Ruska

  • Church of St. Joseph

    The Church of St. Joseph was built in 1770-1775 on the costs of Andriy Zhetsytsky, the owner of the rava-ruska estates. It very much looks like the churches in Lopatyn, Berezdivtsi and Busk. The church is a national monument of late baroque architecture. Its facade with the sculpture of St. Joseph impresses by its special grace. In the interior there are the fragments of wall paintings.
    The church was reconstructed in 1895 and 1926.
    As the paraphy church it served till 1946. During the Soviet period the church served as a warehouse.
    Since 1989 it is a Roman-Catholic church.
    Address: Rava-Ruska, E. Konovalets St.
  • Church of St. Michael

    The church of St. Michael together with the monastery is a monument of baroque architecture. It was built in 1726-1737 under the guidance of Pavlo Antoniy Fontana, the famous architect, on the costs of Yuriy Zhechytsky. The church was sanctified in 1738.
    This sacral building is closed now, and it is impossible to visit it. The church is surrounded by the high wall, and is located near the town gates. Its facade is decorated with the paintings of St. Francisk and St. Antony. The baroque wall painting inside is supposed to be preserved.
    The machine and tractor station is located now in the monastery buildings.
    Address: Rava-Ruska, E. Konovalets St.
  • Church of St. Yuriy

    The first wooden church was built in 1612 on the costs of the local community. The construction of the stone church began in 1846. It is a one-nave structure crowned with the lantern. The church was sanctified in 1849.
    In its interior the carved wooden iconostasis with gilding and icons of XIX c. has been preserved.
    The wall paintings inside the church belong to Yuriy Mahalevsky and Yulian Butsmaniuk, the well-known master.
    Today it is a Greek-Catholic church of St. Kyryl and Methodius.
    Address: Rava-Ruska, Chkalov St.