Worth seeing in Potelych

  • Bell Tower of St. Trinity Church

    The bell tower of the St. Trinity church (1545) is a monument of wooden architecture.
    This is a monument worth first attention in the city. The bell tower simply dominates over the city. It stands on the huge pillars, some of them have a diameter about 70 cm.
    The large bell-tower as high as 20 m was built without a single nail.
    Address: Potelych village
  • Church of St. Stanislaw

    The church of St. Stanislaw is an architectural monument of the mid. ХІХ с.
    The Roman-Catholic parish was founded here in 1425. The first church was a wooden one — it was burnt out in 1777. The stone church was built in the middle of XIX c. In 1858 it was sanctified in honour of St. Stanislaw.
    After the II World War the church served as a club house, a museum and a granary. In 1990 it was returned to the Roman-Catholic community. The building was restored.
    Address: Potelych village
  • Church of the Holy Spirit

    The church of the Holy Spirit (1502) with the bell tower (XVII с.) is one of the oldest wooden churches in Galicia. It belonged to the richest and the most powerful guild — the guild of potters.
    It is a bright example of the wooden architecture of Boyky type.
    In old times the church served as a shelter for the local people because of seven Cossak guns kept here. Today only two wooden watchtowers in the courtyard remind about defense and serve as a decoration.
    The church is also famous for its wall paintings (1620-1640). The paintings are ones of the oldest in the region, they had been well preserved and atrract the visitors by the all-in-one and perfect composition.
    Address: Potelych village