Worth seeing in Komarno

  • Church of St. Michael

    The church is one of the best samples of the local wooden architecture. It was built on the place of its precursor, the church of St. Trinity, in 1754. The church was under restoration for several times. The restoration of 1965-1967 under the guidance of Ivan Mohytych, a well-known Lviv architect, returned its original look to the church. But in early XXI c. the temple needed restoration again. It was done by the means of the town community. Now the shingle-roofed church impresses the visitors again.
    Address: Komarno town
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul

    The church of St.Peter and Paul is situated at the western corner of the former market square. It was built in 1848 on the place of the wooden one. During the warfare of 1915 it was damaged. The church was renovated in the period of 1927-1929 according to the project of Vasyl Nahirny, the famous Lviv architect.
    Address: Komarno town
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

    The church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary is one of the most interesting architectural monuments of the period between the Renaissance and baroque styles in Galicia. It was built in 1656-1657. J. Pokorovych or V. Kapinos is supposed to be the author of the project. The central facade of the church is a harmonic composition of sculpture, moulding and Corinthian pilasters. The pediment with a number of scuptures is decorated with volutes — typical elements of baroque style. The church also was a fortress with loopholes under the cornice. The chuch was under restoration for several times. The last one was made in 1930s. Countess was a sponsor .
    Address: Komarno town
  • Roadside Monument

    The roadside monument is made of the white stone, and its height is more than 3 m. The monument was constructed in 1663 in honour of the victory over the Turks and Tatars. The monument stands on the pedestal with the height of 1,25 m.
    At the pedestal there are inscriptions in Latin "My death — your life" and dates "1641", "1663".
    Address: Komarno town
  • Ruins of Palace

    The last owner of Komarno was countess Karolina Lanckorońska. She was the owner of the palace, too. The palace was constructed in the late ХІХ с. It was surrounded by the beautiful park. The building contained the classic features though it was far from being elegant. But the palace was famous for its luxurious furniture. The polish school was located here berween the I and the II world Wars. Today only the ruins resemble its former majesty.
    Address: Komarno town