Worth seeing in Kamyanka-Buzka

  • Church of Assumption of Virgin Mary

    The church was designed by Teodor Marian Talowski, a well-known architect, the author of about hundred churches and other buildings. He is the author of the church of St. Elizabeth in Lviv.
    The church of Assumption of Virgin Mary was built during the period of 1910-1929.
    Henryk Sienkiewicz once visited the church, the memorial plaque on the church reminds about it.
    In 1944 the church was closed. It was used as a storage. In 1969 the bell-tower was damaged by the fire, and the building went to ruin.
    In 1989 the church was given over to the local Catholic community. It was restored thanks to the efforts of local people and sponsors.
    There is a copy of the icon of Jesus Mylyatynskyy inside the church that had come to Ukraine from Rome in XVII c.
    Address: Kamyanka-Buzka, Khomyna St., 5
  • Church of St. Nicholas

    The church of St. Nickolas (1667) and the bell-tower (1762) are unique monuments of the local wooden folk architecture. Its architectural composition is typical for local wooden churches.
    The church was under reconstruction for several times.
    In 1905 it was renovated. Joseph Sydorovych painted the walls, reconstructed the iconostasis and three altars. He also painted new five icons, and among them — the icon of St. Nicholas.
    Address: Kamyanka-Buzka town
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

    The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary was built in 1882 on the place of the wooden one, thanks to the efforts of f. Myhaylo Tsehelsky.
    The legend says that just here, where the church stands now, the icon of the Virgin Mary appeared on the lime-tree before Yuriy Strumylo. That's why firstly a chapel was built here, later — the church. The icon was put inside the church and was famous for its faith cure.
    Address: Kamyanka-Buzka, T. Shevchenko St.
  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall is situated in the central part of Kamyanka-Buzka.
    It is a two-storey building shaped like a rectangle with a massive three-storey tower. There are a clock and the town coats-of-arms at the tower.
    The whole structure does not impress greatly because of its hardness. But the original peaky roof with an elegant little tower on it softens the first impression.
    The Town Hall was built before the World War I. In previous times it served as a school, theatre studio, etc.
    Now the local authorities are located here.
    Address: Kamyanka-Buzka town