Museums in Basivka

  • The museum was officially opened in September 2014. Here the battle between UPA (Ukrainian Insurgent Army) soldiers and NKVD (People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs) squad took place on 16 Aug 1955. The rebel's commander was killed with a head shot, 2 other UPA soldiers were sent for questioning to the Jail at Lontsky Street in Lviv city.
    The modern bunker was built from the description of Volodymyra Kulyk called 'Andriyka' who was here during the battle in 1955. Around the bunker it is still possible to notice the remains of the line of defense. Inside the bunker there are 2 main exposition rooms with items from the periods of Ukrainian-Polish war and the World War I, the museum room and the mini chapel.
    There were shot such films as 'The Last Battle in Basivka', 'The History of One Bunker', autobiographical films about the UPA Commander-in-Chief Vasyl Kulyk and the Sich Riflemen Dmytro Vytovsky, etc.

    Address: Basivka
    Open: on request