History museum

The museum is placed in Palanok castle in Mukacheve. It is the architectural monument of ХIV-XVIII с. and the example of the medieval fortification architecture which combines different styles.

The castle is located on the 68 m high hill of volcano origin. It occupies about 14 thousand m2 and consists of three parts placed on three terraces. The oldest High castle (XIV-XVI с.) is at the top of the hill; the Middle (XVII с.) is at the terrace 6 m lower, and the Low castle (XVII с.) is still 10 m lower than the Middle castle is. At the beginning of the XVIII с. the fortification tower was built on the forth terrace, still 10 m lower. At the same time the road to the castle at the west hillside was built, too. This road has been preserved till nowadays, and the tower became ruined at the beginning of the XX с., only its base remained. In 1396 the fortress became the living quarters. The moat, fortified by wooden paling — palanok, was digged up in the XVI с. The modern castle's name comes from that wooden paling, palanok.

The history department expositions are placed in the halls of the High castle. Here the rare items of the Stone and Copper-Bronze Age, found during the archaeological excavations in the region, are exhibited. The museum's ethnographic collection is of great interest too.

There is also an art gallery. The masterpieces of the regional artists and the modern art collection of Ukrainian, Hungarian and Polish masters are presented here.

The expositions 'Embroidery and regional folk clothes' and 'Ancient furniture' are of great interest too.

The history lovers will view the exposition 'From the Jew community history', Ilona Zrini chapel (there is the painted eggs collection nowadays) and her bedroom (the solemnization of a marriage is held here nowadays) with pleasure. Besides, Sh. Petefi memory room and the museum of Bulgarian culture will not leave the visitors indifferent.

For thrill-seekers there is a 'torture room'. And to the visitors disposal there is a great amount of souvenir shops and cafes.
Additional services:
Working hours:
09:00–18:00 (09:00-17:00 in winter)
Entrance fee:
Adults — 100 UAH.
Students — 70 UAH.
Children — 50 UAH.
Excursion fee:
Group of adults — 300 UAH.
Group of children — 200 UAH.
Transcarpathian region
Mukacheve city
Zamok "Palanok" St.

Теl.: +38 (03131) 4-40-96
+38 (03131) 4-15-79
+38 (03131) 4-40-53
How to get:
By public transport
Go to Mukacheve by any train of Uzhgorod or Mukacheve direction. From the railway station go by bus #6 or #16. The museum is located in the west suburb of Mukacheve.
Detailed information about public transport.

By car
From the highway М-06 (Kyiv — Chop) turn following the first sign to Berehove town from Uzhgorod city direction; or, following the second sign to Berehove town from Lviv city direction; then go along Mucacheve detour road up to the castle sign board. The museum is located in the west suburb of Mukacheve.
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