Worth seeing in Mukacheve

  • Chapel of st. Joseph

    This small chapel is the monument of Gothic style (XIV c.). It is a one-naved basilica fortificated by counterforts. Narrow windows, circulaire fronton and a window-rose above it remind the Gothic style. In the interior there are wall-paintings of XIV c.
    Address: Mukacheve, Mir St., 51
  • The Castle is one of the most valuable monuments of history and military architecture of XIV-XVII с. It is the typical medieval fortress that combines different styles. The Castle was firstly mentioned in XI c. The first stone fortifications (tower-donjon, the Keep) appeared after 1321. The moat filled with water was made round the Castle hill in XVI c. It was forced with paling made of oak - Palanok. The modern title of the Castle comes from that. The Castle was the witness of many violent and interesting historic events. Since 1980 the Museum of History is situated here.
    Address: Mukacheve
  • Rákóczi Palace

    Rákóczi Palace or White House was built in the second half of ХVІІ с. by Transylvania Princes of Rákóczi dynasty. The Palace had been their residence till 1711. After the defeat in the liberation war (1703-1711) headed by Francis II Rákóczi, the Palace became the property of the Austrian Emperor. Later, in 1728, it was handed over together with the land to German count of Schönborn-Buchheim. The White Palace was the place for grand parties at that time. In 1747 one-storey building was reconstructed by Johann Balthasar Neumann, the widely-known German architect. Since 1979 the Art school for children has been located here.
    Address: Mukacheve, Myr St., 26-28
  • Saint Nicholas Nunnery

    Saint Nicholas Nunnery in Mukacheve is the main Orthodox temple in the city. It was founded, as a legend says, in IX c. by Kyiv monks accompanying Anastasiya, the daughter of Yaroslav Mudryy, to her husband, the Hungarian king (there are caves and a health-giving spring from that period). Another legend says about the victory of F. Koriatovych over the snake. The Prince built the wooden church with cells in 1360 on the place pointed by Angel. In 1491-1772 the Nunnery was the residence of bishops. The stone buildings were constructed in XVIII - XIX с. in Baroque style (architect F. Ratsa).
    Address: Mukacheve, Pivnichna St., 2
  • Town Hall

    The Town Hall in Mukacheve is one of the most beautiful and well-known buildings. It was built in 1903-1904 under the guidance of Yanosh Bobulya, the famous architect. A letter with information about the city population and the number of buildings at that period is supposed to be put under the foundation stone. The facade is decorated with massive columns and the tower with a tall roof. Balconies, pilasters and moulding highlight the refinement and majesty of the building. The chiming clock is located on the tower. Its author was Józef Shovinsky, a watchmaker, who had done his best. At that time the Town Hall and the clock on its tower were ones of the best in Europe. Now the local authorities are situated here.
    Address: Mukacheve, O. Pushkin St., 2