Wine tasting in Mukacheve

  • Celtic Yard

    Wine cellar, 45 m long, is located at Lovachka mountain foot.
    Drinks exclusive for the Transcarpathians are offered to taste:
    homemade ale, vermouth and fruit liqueurs,
    mature drinks — gin, schnapps, grappa, orujo,
    and Gallic cheeses and rye bread.

    Address: Mukacheve, Pidlovachna St. 12
    Open: 09:00-21:00
  • Honey House

    The degustation room (up to 30 persons) is opened from 2010.
    Available for tasting:
    - 3-4 sorts of honey (flower, acacia, forest, motley grass);
    - honey balsam, 2 sort of Medovukha made from different berries;
    - flower pollen.
    Along the tasting you can also have a lecture about bees, hear and see how do they work and view the honey collection from 58 countries.

    Address: Mukacheve
    Open: by appointment