Restaurants and cafés in Berehove

  • Domino

    Modern restaurant with 50 seats. Ukrainian and Hungarian cuisine. Specialties: Domino salad, Domino (main course). There is an air conditioner and a dance floor. Natural coffee, beer and alcoholic drinks are available. Set meals are available. Service for groups of up to 50 persons. There is a summer terrace for 100 persons. Table booking is available. Discounts for regular customers are available.
    Address: Berehove, Mukachivska St. 35
    Open: 07:00-23:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • F'Koka

    Restaurant for 120 persons, a summer terrace with gasebos for 60 persons. Hungarian and Transcarpathian cuisine.
    Specialties: 'Cossacks' boat', stuffed pork leg, bean goulash, bograch.
    Evenings with live music, discos.
    Address: Berehove, Muzhayska St. 61
    Phone: (03141) 3-17-09, 4-33-38, (050) 587-05-83
    Banquet roomGazebos, open-air tablesSmoking roomNon-smoking roomParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • Oasis

    Restaurant for 50 persons, summer terrace.
    You can taste the best fish soup here, up to Hungarian recipe and other tasty dishes of Ukrainian, Hungarian, Transcarpathian cuisine.
    Address: Berehove, Mukachivska St. 254a
    Open: 11:00-22:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • Sherkert

    Restaurant with 2 halls (for 44 and 14 persons), a summer ground, a covered terrace.
    Hungarian cuisine, specialties: 'Butcher's plate', 'Poultry plate', 'Holyashka', «Veal Budapest».
    Address: Berehove, Myhovka St. 13
    Open: 08:00-23:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesNon-smoking roomParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationWC