Coffeehouses and bars in Berehove

  • Grand

    Exclusive cakes, Hungarian sweets.
    Cakes for feasts and banquets.
    Address: Berehove, V. Stefanyk St. 8/1
    Open: 08:00-23:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesSmoking roomNon-smoking roomParkingAlcohol drinksCoffeeTable reservationWC
  • Natasi

    There is a comfortable interior. The room is decorated with wood. There is an inner courtyard with arbours. In the menu there are soft drinks, draught beer, savouries to beer, natural coffee, pastries, chocolate etc.
    Address: Berehove, B. Khmelnytsky St. 100
    Open: 09:00-22:00
    Banquet roomGazebos, open-air tablesSmoking roomBeerCoffeeWC
  • Rodan

    A cafe-bar for 9 people. The menu includes a wide range of juices, coffee, beer, cocktails and pastries. Cooking - by appointment. There is a summer terrace for 20 people.
    Address: Berehove, Mukachivska St. 76
    Open: 08:00-22:00
    Phone: +38 (050) 540-44-12, 538-10-06
    Gazebos, open-air tablesParkingBeerCoffeeWC