Worth seeing in Sambir

  • Church of Jesuits

    The Jesuits appeared in Sambir in 1698. They built the church and monastery (1709-1751), and later, in 1773, the school and the collegium were constructed. But in 1773 the Jesuits Order was dismissed, and the Austrian government confiscated all the buildings. In 1847 the church was given to the Bernardine order and it was given the name of St. Stanislaw. Today the culture college is located in the former monastery, the church building is given to the concert hall of organ and chamber music.
    Address: Sambir, A. Mitskevych St. 5
  • Church of St. John the Baptist

    It is the highest, the most majestic and the oldest structure in the city. The church of John the Baptist is the national architectural monument of XVI c. There is an inscription «1530» on its facade. The date is considered to be the start of the church construction. The building contains either Gothic or Renaissance features. Nowadays it works as the Roman-Catholic church in Sambir.
    Address: Sambir, A. Pushkin St., 7
  • Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

    The Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary was built in 1738. It is a bright example of the late baroque style with elements of folk monumental architecture. In 1865 the church was reconstructed. Inside paintings come from 1894-1895. K. Ustyyanovych is the author of most of them. There are two treasures in the church interior: the miracle-working icon of the Virgin Mary and relics of st. Valentine, the lovers' patron. Today it is a Greek-Catholic church.
    Address: Sambir, Tserkovna Sq. 5
  • Shooting Lodge of Stephen Bathory

    The shooting lodge of Stephen Bathory is a local architectural monument of XVI c. It was repaired in the middle of 90s of XX c., and its interior was adapted for messes. So, the former shooting lodge became the church of St. Panteleymon.
    Address: Sambir, Shpytalna St. 12
  • Town Hall

    The first Town Hall in Sambir was burned down after the tatars' attack in 1498. Later, in 1580, the stone Town Hall was built in the centre of Rynok square. It became the town adornment. But in 1637 the Town Hall was burned down. A new building of the Town Hall was constructed in 1638-1668. A substantial reconstruction of the building was made in 1844. The main entrance was removed and the facades were renovated in Viennese classicism style. The clock for the Town Hall Tower was bought in 1885 in Prague (watchmaker Heinz). It works till today.
    Address: Sambir, Rynok Sq., 1