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Travel Tips and Useful Information

The roads of Western Ukraine are in satisfactory condition, at least after the spring "patching" repair. The  village roads can be either very good or very bad. In the mountains there are a lot of crushed-stone roads (so-called "shutrovani" in Ukrainian) which are covered with small and medium-sized stones. The roads of such type can partially lose their passability for passenger cars after heavy rains. The same applies to ground roads.

Do not forget about the harsh Carpathian climate: since October ground frosts are possible, so before a mountain trip in this period you should change your summer tires to winter tires. When the weather is stable, there is no need in special driving skills, but when there is fog, black ice or a heavy snowfall, the driver should be very careful. Usually, foul weather lasts a day or two, so in such circumstances it is better to refrain from travelling through the pass.

It is better to refuel your car at well-known stations such as «ОККО», «Shell», «WOG», «Закарпатнафтопродукт» («Zakarpatnaftoprodukt»), «Укрнафта» («Ukrnafta»), «Формула» («Formula»), etc. Be careful, do not use unknown local stations, think about filling your car beforehand, because on some parts of roads and especially on rural roads the nearest filling station can be more than 100 km far.

Use the coordinates which are given for all objects on our website for more convenient getting to tourist attractions in Western Ukraine (hotels, lodges, restaurants, museums, sights, etc.).