The Museum was opened in 1981, when Chervonohrad celebrated its 30th anniversary. It houses about 1000 exhibits. The museum's exposition is a unique collection of folk art, kitchen utensils, ancient furniture. The museum's exposition peculiarity is the presentation of Sokalshchyna folk art as original one which demonstrates refinement and talent of local people.

One can admire black and white embroidered shirts from Dobriachyn, the bunches of spring flowers on the shirts from Zavyshnya and marriage costumes from the village of Hluhiv. Sokalshchyna district is famous for its embroidery masters: the black embroidery is the museum's rarity, each shirt is the exclusive article, and none of the ornaments are recurred. The samples of the marriage costumes impress by their refinement — in one shirt 6-7 various techniques were used by the master.

The museum can be proud of its exhibition of the black ceramics and unique painted eggs of Taras Horodetsky.

The interior of Sokal house (the end of the XIX — beginning of the XX с.) will also be of great interest.

Working hours:
10:00-17:00; closed on Thursday and Friday.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 15 UAH.
Students — 10 UAH.
Children — 8 UAH.
Excursion fee:
Adults — 50 UAH.
Students — 40 UAH.
Children — 30 UAH.
Lviv region
Chervonohrad city
B. Hmelnytskyy St. 16

Теl.: +38 (03249) 3-99-69
How to get:
From the city of Lviv to the city of Chervonohrad by bus, fixed-route taxi. The museum is placed in the city center.
50.38309  24.23339  
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