Entertainments in Drogobych

  • Yuriy Drohobych musical-drama theatre

    Drama theatre in Drohobych was founded in 1939 y. The first troupe was filled up with the local actors-amateurs and Kyiv Theatre University and Dnipropetrovsk Theatre College graduates. In December, 1944 Drohobych Ukrainian Music Drama Theatre of M. Kropyvnytsky came back from the evacuation, which rallied with the local company and began to act as Drohobych Regional Music Drama Theatre.
    In 1986–1992 years the chief stage-director of the theatre was Yaroslav Babiy, he was the first in present-day Ukraine who adapted works of B. Lepky — Mazepa and Sotnykivna for stage (in common with B. Melnychuk). In independent Ukraine Lviv regional academical music drama theatre has changed its name in honour of a famous resident of Drohobych Yuriy Drohobych (Kotermak), the first Doctor of Medicine in Central Europe.
    Today the theatre is an important cultural centre and townspeople' and the town guests' leisure place. It has in its repertoire works of Ukrainian and world drama classics', adaptations of folklore, modern plays. Some performances are of a special popularity, those are: Tini zabutykh predkiv (Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors), Khanuma (comedy), Mariya (tragedy); plays: Kaydasheva simya (the Kaydashes' Family), Vovchytsya (She-wolf), Tayina (the Mystery), Duzhe prosta istoriya (Very Simple Story); performances of tales for children.
    Address: Drohobych, Teatralna Square, 1
    Open: Box office 11:00-14:00, 15:00-18:00; closed on Sa.
    Afternoon performance — 13:00, evening — 17:00.
    Phone: +38 (03244) 2-15-12, квиткова каса: +38 (03244) 2-32-28, +38 (067) 310-66-73
  • Alter Theatre

    Creative association Alter public organization was founded in October 6, 2008 on the base of Student theatre Alter, which has existed in Drohobych since 2003 year at Polonistic scientific information centre of Ihor Menko at Drohobych State Pedagogical University of Ivan Franko. The creator and a spiritual father of this youth formation was Ihor Menok (1973–2005). Till the end of his life he remained for his students-actors an irreplaceable leader and an authority.
    The main vocation of the Student theatre became a stage adaptation and the poetic prose interpretation of the author of "Cinnamon shops". Presentation of "Alter" took place in July, 2004 as the I International Festival of Bruno Schulz in Drohobych. The first performance, which got the name "Demiurgos plus" thanks to Ihor Menko's ideas, was staged by Ihor Menko and Halyna Dalyavska. The premiere went on with a great success, it was said and written by respected participants of this event, in particular proff. Jerzy Jarzębski and proff. Aleksander Fiut (both are from Jagiellonian University).
    Address: Drohobych, J. Levytsky St. 2