Transport services in Vorokhta

  • BerloGa

    Transport service by Renault Master minibus (10 seats).
    transfers are available around Vorokhta village, to Bukovel ski resort, to the foot of Hoverla mountain and around Yaremche region.
    Sightseeing tours supporting; extra services - tourist information, accommodation.
    Phone: +38 (098) 768-77-43, +38 (093) 834-03-83, +38 (097) 665-08-53
  • Carpathians-Trans

    Transport service (around Yaremche district and Western Ukraine) by 2 minibuses:
    Renault Trafic, 2006 year of issue, for 8 persons,
    Nissan Primastar, 2003 year of issue, for 7 persons.
    Equipment: luggage compartment, video. Additional service - tourist information, settlement.
    Phone: +38 (097) 770-88-51, +38 (097) 711-78-69, +38 (095) 213-76-02
  • Edelweiss

    Transport service by Mercedes Sprinter minibus, 1998 year of issue (19 seats).
    Transportation is done around Western region, including to Manyavsky skyt (monastery), to Hoverla mountain foot, to the centre of Europe etc.
    Sightseeing tours servicing, additional service - tourist information, lodging.
    Phone: +38 (096) 487-19-11
  • Family Coziness

    Transport service (Citroën Jumper minibus, up to 10 seats).
    Transfer is made around Vorokhta village, to Bukovel ski resort, to Hoverla mountain, around Yaremche district and the whole Ivano-Frankivsk region.
    Phone: +38 (067) 947-87-78
  • Kychera

    Пасажирські перевезення мікроавтобусом Mercedes-Sprinter (12 місць).
    Трансфер здійснюється селищем Ворохта та Західним регіоном.
    Phone: +38 (097) 790-15-41
  • Roma Lux

    Transport service by Opel Vivaro minibus, 2004 year of issue (for 8 persons).
    Transfer is arranged around Vorokhta village, to Bukovel ski resort, to Hoverla mountain, around Yaremche region and around the whole Western Ukraine.
    Phone: +38 (097) 159-49-59
  • Skyta

    Passenger traffic by Mercedes-Sprinter, 2003 year of issue (for 18 persons), Opel Vivaro 2009 year of issue (for 8-10 persons).
    Еransfers both from Lviv, Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi to Hoverla mountain.
    Transfer to the ski lifts in Bukovel ski resort and in Drahobrat resort (to Yasynya village), etc.
    Service for tourist groups (Prykarpattya and the whole Western Ukraine).
    There is a luggage compartment and video equipment.
    Extra charge service: tourist information, accommodation, Russian bath.
    Phone: +38 (097) 206-09-06, +38 (066) 254-22-88, +38 (097) 062-60-62
  • Taxi-Vorokhta

    Minibus Citroen Jumpy 2005 for 8 people.
    Transfer services to the hotels and lodges in Yaremche, Mykulychyn, Vorokhta as well as to the ski lifts in «Bukovel» and others.
    It is possible to order a transfer to the Carpathians from different cities of Ukraine as well as from abroad.
    In addition, it is possible to book accommodation, organize excursions, rent quad bikes and rafting boats.
    Phone: +38 (097) 933-81-78, +38 (063) 937-65-85