Leisure, tours, recreational activities in Mykulychyn

  • Carpathian Echo

    Sightseeing tours conducting (educationa, about geography and local history, paths of folk medicine) for groups to 30-40 persons. Routes:
    1. To Chornohora mountain range - Hoverla, Petros.
    2. Waterfall «Huk», Khomyak mountain, Synyak mountain.
    3. Bursuchyna mountain - Malyj Yavirnyk - Velykyj Yavirnyk - Gorgan Yaremchanskyj (1432 m).
    4. Mykulychyn - Roketa mountain (1111 m) - Gorgany (953 m), natural school.
    5. Svynyanka mountain - Polovets mountain (1120 m). View on Chornohora mountain range, Yaremche, Mykulychyn village.
    On request routes can be shortened, consolidated, combined with other mountains of Chornohora mountain range.
    Languages: RU, UA
    Address: Mykulychyn, Pidlisniv hamlet
  • Horseback riding, sleigh rides (in winter) and brichka rides (in summer). Brichka is a type of horse-drawn carriage.
    Horseback riding lessons for beginners.
    Special tour (4-3 hours) with dinner in traditional Hutsul house is available.
    Languages: UA, RU
    Address: Mykulychyn
  • Kostel House

    Rafting along the Dniester and another rivers.
    Hiking, ascents of the mountains in winter.
    Bicycles for hire, tours by bicycles.
    Tours to Turkey and Georgia.
    Languages: UA, RU
    Address: Mykulychyn, Kraishche hamlet