History Museum of Kolomyja city

Since 1997 the museum is located in the best city building — the former house of the district counsil. Here, in this building, the issues of the city and suburbs development were solved, and, Teodor Prymak came to the important decisions here in the period of ZUNR. The exposition "Kolomyja and the Gabsburgs" is placed now in the former Teodor Prymak's office.

A great amount of memorial things which belonged to the prominent people of that period, were used to reproduce the interior of the building. There is the armchair at the fireplace where Ivan Franko used to rest. Nearby there are the professor's Orest Kuzma bureau, his portrait and the textbook "Esperanto" written by him. On the coffee table there is the sugar bowl of Ivanna Biberovycheva, the actress. And one can see the mother's grand piano of the famous local doctor Palianytsa.

Nowadays the museum exposition which houses photos, documents, memorial and everyday things, is located in 18 halls and service quarters. It numbers more than 20 thousand exhibits from the first mention in chronicles (1241) till today. The expositions are formed step by step to represent each separate theme more fully. A great research work, based on the collected exhibits, has been done. As a result, the museum has the following expositions:

  • From the German colonies history in Kolomyja;
  • From the history of self-management authorities;
  • Коlomyja and the Gabsburgs;
  • Коlomyja at the end of ХІХ — beginning of ХХ с;
  • Education in Kolomyja at the end of ХІХ — beginning of ХХ с;
  • From the history of Kolomyja Jew community;
  • The industry, crafts and trade development in Kolomyja at the end of ХІХ — beginning of ХХ с;
  • Kolomyja in the period of liberation movement.

Besides, special exhibitions and thematical expositions, devoted to different events, are organized regularly.
Working hours:
09:00-18:00 (ticket office — till 17:00), closed on Monday.
Entrance fee:
Adults — 10 UAH.
Students — 5 UAH.
Children — 3 UAH.
Excursion rates:
Adults — 30 UAH.
Students — 30 UAH.
Children — 15 UAH.
Ivano-Frankivsk region
Kolomyja city
Roman Shukhevych St. 80

Теl.: +38 (03433) 2-55-29, 7-03-58

E-mail: m.arsak@yandex.ru
WWW: museum.ko.if.ua
How to get:
From Easter Egg Painting Museum one must walk about 200 m along Vidrodzhennya Prospect, then turn to L. Ukrainka Avenue. The museum ia located on the corner between L. Ukrainka Avenue and R. Shukhevych Street.
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