Worth seeing in Kolomyja

  • Church of the Annunciation

    The Church of the Annunciation with the bell tower is a prominent monument of wooden sacral architecture of Kolomyja town, it is the oldest wooden church in Hutsulshchyna region, built in 1587. Today it is one of the most perfect examples of local folk architecture. The church is also famous for its beautiful iconostasis painted partly by Teofil Kopystynsky, the well-known Ukrainian artist of XIX c.
    Address: Kolomyja, Karpatska St. 2
  • City Hall

    The Town Hall in Kolomyja has an unusual location — at the corner. This is a single example in Ukraine when the Town Hall is half-turned to the main town square. Its construction lasted during 1875-1877. The local authorities were located here till 1944. The balcony of the tower served as an observation roof, where a fireman watched day and night. Ivan Franko was a prisoner here for one night — 11-12 June, 1880. During 1880-1890 a casino with billiards, coffee house and a reading room were situated here.
    Address: Kolomyja, M. Hrushevsky St. 1
  • Roman-Catholic Cathedral

    The Roman-Catholic Cathedral in Kolomyja was built in 1775. It was an immence building with rich architectural decoration. B. Meretyn is supposed to be the author of the project. In 1830 the church suffered a little from the fire. Its reconstruction lasted till 1895, and its outside look and interior had been changed. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church of St. Josaphat.
    Address: Kolomyja, I. Mazepa St. 2
  • Ruthenian Church

    The construction of the church began in 1854 on the place of the ancient monastery of Dominicans, and it was finished in 1855. There is an iconostasis with icons painted by M. Ustyyanovych and Miklosh, a Hungarian artist, in the interior. Later, the walls were partly painted by the artists V. Krytsynsky, S. Dubitsky and S. Dachynsky. Now it is a Greek-Catholic church of St. Michael.
    Address: Kolomyja, M. Hrushevsky St. 11
  • Savings Bank Building

    The building of the former Savings Bank was constructed in 1891-1892 in the style of the Viennese neo-Renaissance, popular at that time. The building housed the largest hall in the town. Here numerous concerts with famous and widely known personalities — such as S. Krushelnytska, M. Sadovsky, M. Zankovetska, I. Franko and others were held. It serves as a National House now.
    Address: Kolomyja, Teatralna St. 27