Resraurants and cafés in Kolomyia

  • Fresh

    The cosy restaurant with 2 rooms (75 seats) and a summer terrace (20 seats).
    European cuisine, grilled meals. Specialties: grilled steak, pizza and desserts.
    Banquets arrangement, service for groups (up to 30 persons), business lunch - 95 UAH.
    Wi-Fi internet.
    Address: Kolomyja, M. Hrushevsky Av. 8 a
    Open: 11:00-23:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeTable reservationCredit cards acceptedWC
  • Seignior Tomato

    European cuisine. Specialties: pizza «Senor Pomidor» and pancakes. 25 sorts of beer.
    Address: Kolomyja, Sichovi Striltsi St. 25
    Open: 10:00-22:00
    Gazebos, open-air tablesNon-smoking roomParkingBeerCoffeeCredit cards acceptedWC
  • Vaunted House

    Bistro with self-service. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Specialty: «holubtsi» (stuffed cabbage).
    Address: Kolomyja, Vahylevych St. 5/Teatralna St. 4
    Open: 09:00-19:00
    Phone: (03433) 2-69-29
    Non-smoking roomBeerCoffeeTable reservationCredit cards acceptedWC
  • Vaunted House+

    Café-bar on 50 seats, VIP room on 8 seats, summer terrace for 30 persons, two-storey gazebo for 40 persons.
    It is designed in Hutsul style.
    Air-conditioning, TV set, karaoke.
    À la carte service.
    Specialties: potato pancakes in a country manner, Taystra and Trembita salads, baked meat in a Hutsul manner.
    Café-bar can be rent for banquets.
    Service for groups to 40 persons, set meals from 65 UAH.
    Address: Kolomyja, Sichovi Striltsi St. 45
    Open: 11:00-23:00
    Banquet roomGazebos, open-air tablesParkingAlcohol drinksBeerCoffeeWC